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Magical experience! From the retirement to the crown team, then to the first hair, Ade is a dream for half a year.

NBA is the world’s most popular basketball event, except for fierce looks and the stars, NBA is still a storytel. Some unexpected plots will be staged here. For example, the basketball player Aldridge has experienced a big big land over the past six months. First, because the physical reasons have to be retired, then return to the starting from the replacement. How many people will this mysterious plot?

The last season Al derridge has played a few games for the Net, which was declared because of the physical reasons. At that time, many fans were regrettably left. But the facts prove that that is just an episode, Al derridge loves basketball, hopes to hit the championship before retiring. This kind of love and power make him successfully. This year, Aldrich became a basket of the net.

The Nets can now get the first good results in the eastern part, and Aldriqi is a good job. The team has an Ou Shenxian can’t play games, and Aldrich has retrieved the feeling of in the Spurs during the year and constantly helping the team. Before today’s game, Aldrich was played with a replacement, but this did not hinder his efficiency. Today, the team wins, the first first start in the Aldrich season, and 13 shots in the audience were 17 points 9 rebounds. 1 steals 1 cap.

This season, Aldridge efficiency is amazing, 13.6 points 5.9 rebounds, the shooting hit is close to 58%, and the three-pointer intermediate rate reaches 39.1%. Lavin, Harden like an external star this year’s three-hit rates in Aldrich.

Aldridge has really conquered teammates in half a year, and also conquered opponents. In the early season, the Net Nets were more cautious in Aldridge. After all, the Nets worried that Aldridge had a state of age. But they didn’t expect Aldridge more old.

Aldridge is not very relying on his body when you are young. He is actually biased towards the floor, and the technology is very exquisite. In particular, the offensive technology nearby, Al Dridge has mastered the fire. In the past 10 years, I am afraid that I am in terms of Ardridge, I am afraid that Noditzki and Duncan have two legendary forward. Aldrich is also equipped with Duncan, discusses the absolute unity of Attack Attacks and footsteps.

Aldridge is now very smart at the offensive end. If you bring your own offensive area to Durant or Haden partner, Aldrich will move its own offensive area, and when a shooter opens the breakthrough space. Aldridge is more efficient in recent seasons, especially three-pointers. The attack on the Aldriqi field is not dead angle after the three-point ball.

If Al
derridge leads the team’s two-lineup, he will play like a Spurs period, the block is shining, the low single-handed, the secondary attack has a pair of eyes. Especially the low offensive, today’s alliance tends to small spheres, the internal line is highly short. Aldrich’s more than 7 feet of height and strikers and center advantages are obvious. His spending point is not only high, but the speed is fast. The NBA is now basically no one can interfere with his hind shots.

This is still not finished. Aldridge also has a very important manifestation in the defensive end. This season, Aldridge’s events reached 1.2, and his appearance time is only 21 minutes, and the cap efficiency is not bad. In addition, he has a large number of cover, card, competing rebound and association defense. And the team’s starting center Griffin compared to the defense of Aldridge, I don’t know much.

Especially the single defense, Griffin is very obvious because of the shortness of the height. Aldridge is tall and long, and he has played a lot of time during the Spurs. Aldridge has been responsible for the defensive end and exhausted. The Net Network requires the internal defensive gate, and Aldrich can be fully served.

According to the current trend, Aldrich is likely to replace Griffin to become a home center. After the age is increased, Aldridge’s technology and experience have not flowed. On the contrary, it is like a old wine for a long time. Aldridge is now playing more and better, and I don’t know how much effort and pay for half a year. After retiring, return from replacing the first, such plots are unique in NBA history.

36-year-old Aldridge, this season will initiate a powerful impact to the championship. Even if the Owen may not fight, relying on the three groups of Aldridge, Durant, Haden, the Nets is also enough to let the league’s headache this season.

Finally, let us respect the Aldrice. Half a year ago, he had to leave the court because of his body. Now he played the dragon on the basketball court. This will is that all NBA players should learn. Readers friends, how do you evaluate the performance of Aldrich’s start?