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MLB Martinez to fight against monsters: the devil offseason training 31-year-old continues to evolve

Author / Zhangzi Han shot / ESPN

2018 season, the Boston Red Sox win the World Series champion, JD- Martinez as the Red Sox last
year to win 108 regular-season winning formula is one of the team’s core, there is no doubt that the new season, the Red Sox and Martinez task the defending World Series champions.

The first arrived in Boston a year heavy artillery Martinez has 3 to 30 high batting average, hit 43 home runs and made with 130 RBIs for the first time single-season history to get two Silver Slugger Awards while also vote in obtaining fourth MVP, to go beyond their own high standards this debut, Martinez has begun a frantic training.

February 17 Boston Red Sox in Fort Myers, Florida officially opened the MLB spring training game, Martinez has been since the beginning of the offseason resident of this training for the new season of 162 games, Martinez not content to enter the All-star and silver Slugger Award.

Off-season, high-intensity training Martinez bluntly core strength is the key

Martinez offseason strength training not only high, but also a very long time span. Day training course started in agility training, then started doing strength training, and finally back on the court to start batting practice.

In addition to traditional training dumbbell bench press, but Martinez also showed their most proud of the way the media training: resistance band training. Since 2013, Martinez has been trying new training methods. Resistance bands at the same time exercise the biceps muscle will stimulate the entire upper limbs of large muscle groups. “My main training courses is high and low resistance bands twist, when I hit the main power of the outbreak came from my core and hip muscles.” Martinez said.

In general, the traditional upper body strength training mainly elected primarily, but too much can cause traditional chest muscles tight. Martinez added resistance band training is mainly to traditional training in order to smoother swing in exercise flexibility.

Martinez after the strength training will return to court again to start batting practice, “21st Century strongest hitters,” “double Silver Slugger Award”, “Diamondbacks history of the first four single-game player boom” These name has let Martinez sit real name super hitter, but who wanted to hit was the pain of his career.

JD- Martinez's swing and most MLB players are not the same

JD- Martinez’s swing and most MLB players are not the same

Against evolution philosophy Super hitters swing elegant but not abnormal effective

Martinez played junior college terrible batting average 3 to 91 and H-32 data. This figure caused concern of many teams, but the Astros scouts saw him at the scene of combat has said: Although the data looks good fight, but Martinez moves seem very out of touch, simply can not survive in the big leagues.

Sure enough, on the big league was removed after years of minor league JD- Martinez was struck again and again. After 2012 sidelined through injury, Martinez began to think about changing the strike action. 10 am to 15:00 every day, he would see a man video playback, learning other strong hitters swing action. After watching the video 后马丁内斯 will hit the coach to ask the team in understanding the principles and concepts of effective swing, Martinez constantly adjust and improve their strike action.

JD- Martinez adjusted swing

JD- Martinez adjusted swing

Martinez is the first adjustment of the hand of the fight against the state, he has been swinging the bat in order to maintain greater flexibility in order to swing the bat and ball contact surface. Change the swing trajectory of hand movements 后马丁内斯 immediately became like a big leaguer, like a fan from a simple V-shaped trajectory. But simply changing the strike action is not enough, JD- Martinez returned to his fight to establish the concept of angle, “put away the ball hit the ball instead of just” this idea further improve the swing trajectory Martinez.

The most 后马丁内斯 also chose amendments leg movements, front foot down at the same time will advance hand will bat first when pulling slightly behind the strike. Compared with other MLB players, Martinez’s swing trajectory longer and wider to cover home plate, although improved batting swing but such action the expense of some leg strength.

The emphasis on leg strength for the 21st century baseball swing, JD- Martinez’s swing movement does not look like major league players with major league hitters is something quite strong, but all are for him efficient.

Looking at the 2019 season, Martinez hope defensive end breakthroughs

Although JD- Martinez last 43 home runs in a single season among the best in the league, is ranked first in the Red Sox. Martinez on the defensive and base-running contribution to the team still has room for improvement. This also explains why the fight against the true God Martinez ranked fourth in the MVP balloting.

Martinez off-season training to focus more on the speed and flexibility of the 2019 season, he will try to do a speed outfielder. In addition, Martinez while increasing the speed of the runner should be more careful in the choice because he had several base-running mistakes made by the judge last year out. Ideally, the Boston Red Sox do not have to depend 赖马丁内斯 very defensive, but as the team’s designated hitter and fourth outfielder, outfield in case there are injuries of the starting lineup, the Red Sox need Martinez on top location outfielder.

Battle enemies of the 2019 season, the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees will continue, in the face cast to play a more complete lineup of Yankees, Red Sox ace Martinez as should assume greater responsibility. Martinez while maintaining a high level look forward to the fight against performance show speed offseason hard exercise.