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MLB May Best Players announced the best players and pitcher

With the second month of the US duty wand, this season, which players who played out of their best players in many performances. What is the best players in this month?In terms of the US Alliance, this month Boston red socks relied on the low fans of the soldiers, and the national alliance was a Korean Qiqi Qixian Zhenzhen, which continued to be alone in the National Union.

Best player

US League: Rafael Devers, Statel, Boston Red Sox

This high-profile 22-year-old tender finally broke in the third season of his career. This month, this month, he took up the banner of Boston’s red socks, and used his own ball when the team fell into the mud. The team booster, the strike data of this month is an amazing 0.351 hit rate, 0.380 oscillator and the length of the 0.640. In 121 counts, 8 high-yield capabilities and 24 points of high-yield, which allowed the Red Sox of this month to 10 wins and 10 losses, and they can still stand in the Eastern District of the United States of the United States.

Country Union: Josh Bell, a barrier, Pittsburgh Pirate

Like Dres, the same newcomers, the two-wheeled Xiu Bell after three do not have a season, and finally showed that the selection of the selection made https://www.trikotskaufenn.commany balls and proud of the fight. . The entire May Bell has been in the best state, the hit rate of 0.390, the 0.442 oscillation rate and the length of the 0.797 have a sharp state of the Bell’s state. There is 129 exercises and the high-efficiency output of 12-year-old playing and 31 points. Although the results of the pirates this month are reluctant 15 wins and 14 losses, they are in the first-level battle in the National Union. It is important to maintain competitiveness.

Best pitcher

US League: Lucas Giolito, right pitcher, Chicago White Socks

This May seems to be a month of the new show counterattack, not only the best player, the best pitcher of the US League, Joeryo, is also in line with this label. After the high school, he was selected by the Washington National Choice, and he had experienced a few degrees of surgery and small alliance, but his talented arm has always give him a place on the rookie list.

Finally, he seems to have successfully put each successful puzzle, 5 wins and 0 losses this month, and 1.74’s self-blade rate, 41.1 bureau has excellent 46 three oscillats but only 10 times. Boot, it seems that the white socks have found their new tricks.

National Alliance: Liu Xianzhen, Zuo Pitcher, Los Angeles Daoqi

The same 5 wins and 0 losses, as well as the Los Angeles Dodge Korean Pitcher Liu Xianzhen. The Best Pitcher in May National Union cast the best season in the 7-year big league career. This season, Liu Xianzhen rose straight lines after taking the ball on the ball, and it has reached a realm of entering the unmanned world in May.

Low arrivals only 0.59 self-blame, and 36 three-oscillated in the 45.2 bureau, but the most amazing is to only send 3 guarantees! Under Liu Xianzheng, in May, the Dodge team was a branch of the National Union. After the national alliance championship last year, this year’s Los Angeles Dodge is more expected to further, this is also necessary to have Liu Xianzhen’s credit.

Best postoner pitcher

US League: Aroldis Chapman, Left Pitcher, New York Yangji

In the year, the fireball male who kill the four-party in Cincinnati, Chapman went to the New York Rapid slightly slightly slightly, and there was a lot under the situation where the Yangji iron cattle is too famous, but this is completely It affects Chapman is still a terminator of pressure. The entire May 11th rescue opportunities will be smooth, 11 rescue successfully take the 18th Zhenzheng, 0.79 self-sharing rate, and only 3 to send Trumman is still the year. The super terminal, the ball speed may not be fast, but it is still very secure.

National Union: Josh Hader, Left Pitcher, Milwaukee

Since the debut, it has grown people with eyeballs, and the long hair of Black Dada has become a high-spirited figure that came to speed 95,96 miles. And he can complete a bureau, let the winemaker, when you need to save the fire, you will send him to the game. This month, Blackde came to 12.2, although 6 rescue success did not say particularly bright eyes, but the short bureau actually sent 21 three ivals! 0.71 The self-blade points also illustrate how good his pressures are. In the case of a Silver, the SB Triathlon triangle is not found, Black will continue to keep the final level of the winemaker to victory.

Best newcomer

US League: Michael Chavis, a barrier / two-yard / striking, Boston socks

When the reddock team god, the Dustin Pedroia and the multi-function toolman Holt, the red stockings fans once worried about who would be guarded by the two base defense lines, and now they found The answer. Although the data is not so good because of a wave of low tides at the end of the month, Chavez is still handed over to 79. The high-efficiency output of 19 points, and can keep the base, two bases, three bases He also makes the coach group flexibly scheduled. The rise of red hose this month, Chavis can be said.

National Union: Austin Riley, Stategion / Outfielder, Atlanta Warrior

After the first-year-old wilderness was injured in West Yada, the Warriors’ trainer looked at Riley, who had just moved to the field a few days, turned on the phone in his hand. Although it has been a three base for the past, but the first time I first sent a match to play the identity of the left country. The conversion of the defensive position did not block the hot roof of Riley. In the big alliance level, he hit the 7-year-old horn and striking 20 points, and the hitting three is a horrible 0.356 hits the rate, The 0.397 oscillation rate is 0.746 long prime rate in the horizon. Although there is still a little uncomfortable in the field, the light is relying on this hot strike hard feel, Riley has announced that he also has a place in the young generation of the Warriors.