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MLB-Pierce single field twilight won the MVP Seli goodbye Zhen Zhen Martis tears

On October 29, Beijing time, the American Wat MLB World Competition finally came to an end, Boston’s red socks eventually defeated Los Angeles Daoqi with 5-1, with a winner of 4-1 5 years to win the World Competition, Pierce knocked out the single field twin cannon won the MVP award.

Selle with a goodbye to the Sanzhen Maima to find the victory, Prab supplemented the lords and striking lines were pursued, Martinnes won the scene, but the Dodge Lounge was a back.

Fries also played Yangchun gun for Dodge Open a subsidy account

Fries also played Yangchun gun for Dodge Open a subsidy account

Fritz sidelic kills Bates, Spring Spring Cannon

Fritz was quite amazing at the uppermost position of the 5th game, and he kills Holt knocked out the flat-ball ball. Kak 4 also directly tried to Dresse’s gas, Taylor was smoked by Wawzkez solid strike to make the Quech did not drop. The second half of the second half is the first half of the second half.

Ples watched the ground in the sixth game, and Bedz was blocked. However, Bates faced Koke, and the spring cannon shocked the audience. The red socks expanded to 3-1 leader, but Benene Tandy and Pierce successively ended this half. Fritz was flattened in the second half of the 6th game, and Turner’s flying ball was killed and the Ernande was unable to go.

Ples dedicated Holt Martinneys domineering home base

Ples changed to complete three-striking and shouting, and fingers completed the wonderful holiday empty. JD-Martinnes captured Kak 4 in the 7th Council, and the homework was hit, and the red stockings will continue to expand the division 4-1. Bobagz and then hit it. It is temporarily unsuccessful.

Defus knocks out to make red socks to form a two-legged, but Watzkz is ushered in two people from the bureau from the bureau. Unfortunately, Ples knocked out the ball and was blocked. Machado was killed in the second half of the 7th bureau, and Mangxi knocked out the high-speed ball. It was also confiscated by Benneuti. Ples resolved the half-plane of the three-three-stroke, and shouted. Self encouragement.

Pierce knocked on the single field of Double-cannon Plei offented and cheered

Dodge selection in the 8th game and selection of Pedro-Bayiez, Ernande killed Bates knocked out the high-speed ball, and the arrest of Barnes was also confiscated with the Benine Tort. However, Bayz is hitting the home running in the direction of Pierce, and let the road have fallen after the reddings are expanded to 1-5. The single-sounded Pierce points to the red hose rest area, and there is no doubt that it becomes the popular candidate of MVP in the World Competition.

Dodge solves the JD-Martinens enters the second half of the 8th game, Taylor is sent to the four-bad ball to force the reddock to choose a renewal, Ples, 8 games, chasing the career record, get the teammates when leaving the court I can’t help but smile. Joe – Kelly Guan Puce faces Dodge Matthamat-Camp first is the three-vibrating bureau, and the simplicity of the same generation of Jok-Pederson is then knocked on the foot.

The Ples Wall, can’t serve the Sanzhen Shengsheng Bureau.

Kelly faced Fritz’s generation of Cidi-Belinje, once again completed three three times, let Daoqi left a restriction, the first firing Prab is excited about Kelly highlights, and tap the railway wall and Kelly shouts to pay tribute, wait until Kelly begins to embrace and 附 低. Dodge is on the 9th game to rely on Kewa-Jensen to send Bugagz.

Due socks are not ideal for Holt hitting the effect, Dels is also a restriction, and the next half of the next half of the 9th Bureau, Chris Sel is the terminator, and sequentially Nagan and Ernande are gorganized in the last number. The Dodge Way Macroo has swayed two times in a row, and the result is that Search will see the three-vibrating bureau and lose the balanced single knee.

Martin Nens wins tears in Plesce is chasing show muscles

This is the red socks in the nearly 15 years of beauty rods, the 4th time to win the World Competition, JD-Martinens is excited to see tears, and Ples is pursued by the reporter to raise the arm. Xiao left a regret on the Dodge Lounge. Single-rang Pierce has a world contest MVP and luxury car rewards, and the high-ranking trophy accepted Ples and other teammates and the whole fans celebrated.