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MLB-spending players play a stable bear 6-3 Rocky defended Snow Mountain

Wild bears

Wild bears

On June 5, Beijing time, Chicago Bear welcomed the challenge of “the guests on the snow” in the scene. The first firing of this game is the recent Hendricks that has invincible states. 4 wins in the game in May, 4 wins and 0 losses 1.81 self-blame rate, while the main record is more horrible, 1.29 self-blade rate and 32 times Three vibration. This game, Bayz performance is bright, joined Gonzalez, and finally defeat Lok, and won two consecutive victories.

Data highlight

Bear, Bayz 4 played 3 menstepso 2 points, Gonzalez 2 points; Rocky, Murphy 3 playing 2 points 2 points.

Game process

In the case of the first bureau, the two people were out of the game, Dar and Arrecot were knocked out a hitting, and Murphy used a continuous third, and the first bureau attacked the score, 1- 0. In the second half, the state adjustment of Hendrikz continued to resolve the player three times.

In the second half, Bayz first stick knocked out the hit, just franchised the Bear team’s Gonzalez used a second base to play into the team, 1-1; Subsequently, Huffman automatically passed. Russel, resulting in Hendrikista, 1-2, bear’s anti-ratios.

The third bureau’s pitcher completed three three three, and the hand was hot.

In the fourth game, Luoqui also chased the score, Murphy stoveded a river spring gun, and the fourth project of the season will help the team to chase the score to 2-2.

In the fifth bureau, it is also in the case of the two people, Schwaibang branched the 11th volume of the season, Yangchun cannon let the bear lead again, 2-3.

In the second half of the sixth bureau, the first hit of the first hit and knock out of the play, Baiz is two-point gun, continued to expand the leading advantage of the team, 2-5, this is the 15th project of his season.

In the second half of the seventh game, in the face of Hendricks who were still fighting, McMama was hitting the two-way open bureau, standing on the ground; Day Shomel rolled out, but promoted the runner, one person out Some people; Waters hit the right foreign country rolling place, McMaho easily ran back home, Rocky continued to be collected, 3-5. In the second half of the seventh place, Hoffman ended the ball and was resected, and the 6.0 bureau was killed and lost 5 points, and seven three vibrations were sent.

In the first half of the eighth game, Hendricks also completed the ball work, and the 7.0 bureau’s pool was hit by 6 security and lost 3 points, sent 10 three vibrations, accepting high quality first and winning candidate. In the second half of the eighth game, Bryant, Bayiez has been able to hit the base, and Gonzalez’s high-flying sacrifice will send the bear to 1 point, 3-6.

In the first half of the ninth game, the bear is the first to close the door.

Both parties

Chicago Wolves Team:

1. Kyle Schobo left outer wilder

2. Chris Brines

3. Anthony – Rizo

4. Harvel – Bayz guerrilla

5. Carlos – Gonzalez right wilder

6. Victor – Calati Catcher

7. Jason – Hayward Chinese and foreign wilder

8. Endison – Russel 2rd

9. Kyle Hendrick Pitcher

Colorado Squad:

1. Lemel – Tabia left outer wilder

2. Trevo Stouri guerrilla

3. David-Dar right outside

4. Noland – Arena

5. Daniel – Murphy

6. Ryan McMima

7. Ian – Daysmond Chinese and foreign wilder

8. Tony Waters catcher

9. Jeff Hofman Pitcher

[Next prospect]

The next game of the bear’s round value arrived as a first-hand pitcher, this season, 3 wins and 3 losses 5.02 self-bladed scores, a total of 73 triple vibrations. In the past, he was only 4 games in 12 games, and the last one was 1 point, and there were 6 times, but there were more 3 times, but he was at home this year. Up to 6.32 self-blame rate is very unsatisfactory. Rocky is Herman-Marques first, with 6 wins and 2 losses of 3.48 this season. Marques started step by step in the first season into the core, and the last pair of blue birds only lost 1 point for 7 times. The bear will be the fourth team of Marques, the fourth country of Lianzhong District.