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MLB strong hand pass the tragedy small bear owner hand strike the ball hit the small fans

On May 30th, Beijing time, MLB regular season challenged the Houston Space in the Chicago Cabin Team. This is a strong hand-docked game because an accident is interrupted. Ball hit, sent doctors on the spot.

The Chicago Bear Landsman Albert Almora Jr. raised the head and was shocked by the next thing
happening. According to the sake of the gymitar, an adult quickly rushed to the seat where the small fans were seeking to help the medical staff.

This sudden tragedy has alarmed the two team players, and many players show a very worrying expression on the court, and they pray for small fans. The bears outside the bears, the bears, Almora, crying, kneel, crying, Congbear, Joe-Madden and the owner, Hayward, tried to appease him.

Houston fans Levasseur sit in the first row of 111th, she finally got the baseball that rolled down. Levasseur did not see the ball directly hit the child. She estimated that the little fan was sitting in the seventh row or eight rows. When the incident, the incident was sitting in the front row, hurry up and checked the child’s injury.

“I have heard it with my friends, I’m screaming behind,” Levasseur said. “Then I saw a man picked up the child to go to the stairs to seek medical assistance.”

The competition broadcast unit ESPN announced in subsequent live broadcasts, and it is not possible to confirm the injury of small fans.

According to the note of the Houston Space People’s official website, the protective net in the inland seating area is 12 feet high, and the home base is 32 feet. The entire protective net covers the entire Neihong District audience from strong attack dangers.

In recent years, the fans injured incidents have emerged, and they have happened to reddish fans who have been smashed by the ball. Most MLB teams have chosen to continue to expand the grout network in recent years to increase the safety of the stadium.