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  • MLB – Yangji exchange open disaster mode iron powder to save red socks MVP to resolve the world?

MLB – Yangji exchange open disaster mode iron powder to save red socks MVP to resolve the world?

On October 9th, Beijing time, the third game of the United States of America, MLB playoffs, New York Yangji took a place of 1-16, was hit by Boston.

Relay's cowshed Pitcher Lans - Lynn opened the disaster mode of New York Yangji

Relay’s cowshed Pitcher Lans – Lynn opened the disaster mode of New York Yangji

Yangji changed the Lands Lynn and Chad Green in the fourth game, officially opened 7 points of catastrophic model, causing beauty balls and humming, and horn, more male iron powder Betrayed ” However, Uncle Yangji is due to the view of the world, causing the mobile phone to fall from the direction of the fingertips, and is followed by the preparation of Red Socks MVP Muqi – Bates returned to the original owner, and the two parties can be resolved WITRY is waiting.

Gardner killed suspected strain three times

The front of the red socks 2 stick Muqi-Bates and Andrew-Benneuti knocked out the high flying ball in the first game, which is the first time Louis Sevilino surprised one cold sweat, the result is Beads were killed and killed by Zhong and Foreign Wilder. Because of the mainfield of the Yangji home, only the cowshed shed, only see Gardner accidentally and ran over and cowshed players, let the cowshed and coach team communicate through the phone, this situation and past coach call to find a cow shed Contrast is very rare.

It turned out that Yangji’s main scene has a small rain and accompanied by strong wind. It has a little slippery, Brett Garda suspensionally straighted the thigh muscles during the preparation of speed, good to communicate with the coaching team and continue to stick to the game Immediately, by exciting, praise, Bugotz, Gobgitz, helping Yang. How much is the Yangji home herbs? When the Pioneer and Drew-McCacho returned to the lounge, the nail-absorbing shoe was replaced with a non-spiked shoe, which is a timely response to the sudden situation of the site.

Sevilino helps to send red socks

Red Soy 5th stick Rafael Defus hit the upper line in the second game, and then Steve Pierce was used to ran on the earth. The threat of the original Christian – Vawzkz is not big, but Yangji first pitched Louis-Sevilino defended, but the defensive strike to the ball, but it is to interfere with the two bases. Rieber Torres, It is to let Wazkz luck form inland, and Dres is more accelerating back home base to let socks lead 1-0.

Yangji Ball Chamma Red Socks MVP

There is no need to repeat the historical origin of red socks and Yangji Hundred Years, but in the playoffs, it is a warmth of the Tongo. Yangji’s 4th stick Jan Carlo Stanton faces NNASTON JWD, and the high-speed ball in the right field is directly flying to the auditorium. Red Socks MVP Muqi-Bates all the way to get to be killed, but the baseball will be grabbed by Yangji fans, one of the big uncle is unver, and the mobile phone slipped from the point. Bates looked around and picked up the phone and gave a base fans, and got a hit of the big uncle of the bald head.

Holt offensive and defensive brings

Brock Holt is undoubtedly the most dazzling star of the Fine Socks, and contributes amazing slimness in the second half of the third game, and in the fourth game, he will be able to build a success. Immediately in the process of promoting the second base, the gods avoiding skills are the face of Christian-Wawzkz, and such a wound position is not very common in the big alliance. Of course, the most eye-catching moment occurred in the upper half of the 9th game, Holt directly knocked out that 2 cannon became the first person in the playoffs.

At that time, Yangji selection cracked Ostings-Romaun as a pitcher suspected to give up, red socks played Ian-Kesler but did not welcome to knock out, Brock – Holt is also getting careful Rao, the 2 points, the base, is joined to be a hammer knocking Yangji. It should be said that Holt can achieve complete strikes in the playoffs, you need to thank Jinsler did not have a soft hand because of Yangji. After the game, Holt got the teammates to congratulate, and harvested two barrels of ice water.

Yangji exchange open catastrophic model

Lans Lin En wels the unfavorable situation in Yangji’s 4th game, and has been replaced by the unfavorable situation. It is directly unexpectedly dropped on the ground. It turns out that the left leg supported by the rain, the left leg supported, and the four bad balls were sent to Muqi – Bates first fill 1 point to 0-4, and the follow-up is also a bad ball. Up to 5 times, it was then slammed the second base to beat the second base and was equivalent to the three-way gun to complete the cleaner, which caused the Yangji by the reddissy to pull the difference 0-7.

However, Yangji did not arrive at this end, Lans Lynn was praised by Zhan Bocgatz knocked out the hit, in one person, one-three-finals, someone changed to Chande-Green. The red stockings are tapped through Steve Pierce and Brock Holt, and they have ran back 1 points and 2 points, leading the base division to 10-0. Even so, Yangji also needs to face the crisis situation of the three-stroke, if it is not Christian-Watzkz, the myth that the red stockings 11 players will continue.

Iron powder is low, hitting a dream

Since Yangji is half-lost in the fourth game, the fans who are hitting the hometown of the hometown is unasocent. The beautiful ball of the head is shaking the head, and another girl wearing glasses is really yawning. At 21:30 at night, I am accustomed to the night life. The fan is so drowsy, and it is visible to the collective disappointment of the yarn criteria. The live shift is particularly captured in the 8th game, and a male handsome guy is “betrayal” Yangji side relies on my girlfriend.

First base review, four times, accidentally robbed

Relative to the wonderful attack and defense transformations of the two sides of the socks, the incident of the first base is unexpectedly grabbed. Grayber Torres was punished by the first base trial in the first half of the third game, but the eagle-playback display is to step on the package. The same situation also happened in the second half, Didi-Graygius hitting the upper base, the same fines were fined by the first base, and the result was a video of the eagle eye slow motion video. The explanation of the guest Chen Hui questioning this is the fourth incidence of this basement. He also served as the main trial before he was a controversy.

The ninth game is very fans.

The ninth game is very fans.

Catcher string pitcher to win the cheers

The Yangji Coach Taking into account the importance of the future series, I don’t want to consume cowshed when I have a big score 1-14, temporarily arranged capturers. The temporary passenger, the result is to pass through 91. Mai’s pitch continuously solves two players. The silent scene fans will reverse the enthusiastic cheers to Romaun, so that the other’s kinderists of Yangji can be embarrassed, but so lucky time is too short, followed by Ian-Kesler and Brock – Holt has knocked out the security and two-point gun.