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MLB30 Day 30 Team: Sports Home Support Site Season 48 Slogan New Season Locks Card?

MLB spring training enters the end, the 2019 season has arrows in the string, the 30th day of the 30th team today, introduced the Auckland sports team.

Team: Auckland Sports Home

Partition: Menlian West District

World Competition Champion: 9 times

Previous season record: 97 wins 65 negative

Team Attack Index: 0.764 (League 5)

Team Score Rate: 3.81 (League 11)

Main coach: Bob Melwin


The Auckland Sports Family harvested 97 victories can be described as one of the most successful teams last year. Thanks to the extraordinary play of the two-wire, they also returned to the three-year playoff battlefield. They last quarter wages were only $ 78 million, which was less than $ 10.5 billion than their outer card opponent New Yorns. Although their hits can only be in the middle of the league, but the homes and long-winning rates are ranked in the best, the length of the 0.439 is second only to the red socks, Yangji and the Taoist row of the fourth, the home running reaches 227 Second to Yangji and Dodge, ranking third.

Brek Tream

Brek Tream

Multiple key players in the team play a good, second bases, Rolley and cowshed, Brake Treas, the first year, the first-year-old pitcher Sean Mania also broke through, two second-year students, Matt – Olsen and Matt – Chapman not only crackdown on excellent, and the cris-Davis continued to
play 40 strokes in the year. The team’s finals of the double city team Fernando – Rodney and Metropolitan Terminator Jeuses – Farmia, a time attendant’s cowshed strength crown. Unfortunately, the lack of Marinia’s first pitcher group can’t pick up the girlfriend, the team is also a powerful race in the outer card.

Star player:

24-year-old Matt-Olsen and 25-year-old Matt-Chapman is the future hope of the sports team, Chapman has also played a role in the role of gunners in the three-year honestore career, rising in 2017 After the big league, he re-started after half a season, although the homes were produced, the hit rate and the tri-vibration rate were excellent during the small alliance. Chapman’s contribution to the team is more than 20% of the whole season, and the ball is less than 40% of the ball. He is guarding 14, and his career is only ranked for 229 games, he drives 60 times. Guardian, the harvest of the United States last year.

Matt Chapman

Matt Chapman

Another name is Matt’s Olsen, in 2012, the act of high school students was taken under the first round of 47 in the first round of 47, and the growth of the sportswear small alliance system was stable, and each year, finally In September 2016, he welcomed the first show, starting from 3A in the 2017 season, June was called the big three-game 59 games, and then the 24th rampy, the season, after the end of the United States, the best new show in the United States Votes are ranked fourth. In the 2018 season, he sent all 162 games, and the 29-year-old homework was played and had 84 points. The 1403.1 bureau has a total of only 7 mistakes, and the price is as high as 99.5%, and the United States is also harvested. A royaltive glove of honor.

Chris Davis is undoubtedly the biggest card in a sportsman in a stadium. His salary that is about $ 16 million immediately, which is more than 9 million than any player in the array. Davis’s status is not limited to wages, focusing on hitting, his number of battalies have hit a new high, 151 games in the whole season, and 48 strokes, and the Crown of Crown. More than 90% of the competition, he was asked only by the offensive end, in the AFA MVP vote, is sufficient to prove the power of his attack firepower.

Chris Davis

Chris Davis

Since 2015, his long-winning rate has never been low. 500, and after joining the sake of sports after 2016, his home base has never been below 40. Interesting is the last 4 seasons, his hits are. 247, this is really too coincidental for a player more than 600 players.

Brek Tre, South Trurban, a season of epic level, the entire season 80.1 bureau’s self-sharing rate is a horrible 0.78. More than a self-blade rate, all of his data is better than before, only 2 books of the homework all seasons, the hit rate is only one hundred or seven, and each 9-game number reaches amazing 11.2, and each 9 The number of insurance is reduced to 2.35. The most important base of the post-aid pitcher has been hited from the previous year. 344 drops to .230, you can let 86% of the runner can’t return to the home score, these data is not high Holding him in the hands of the rushing power, there is no doubt that I have selected all star games.

Team Outlook:

The popular candidates of the new season Meixi champion are undoubtedly a Houston Space Strong team. In the case of the Shanxi Yangji and the red socks locked a foreign card, the biggest goal of the sports team will be and the angel of the same area, the United States The rays, the team of Mids and Shuangcheng compete for the second outer card of the United States. In fact, I have successfully achieved this last season. The sailors in the same area have completely begun to rebuild this year. Can an Angel team have a healthy and have a problem. In the case of people ‘s loss, the sports team will continue to work hard to the second and the United States of America.

Pitcher rating: Samsung

WTR Rating: Samsung

Expected record: 84 to 90 wins, impact the United States

Prepen first line:

First stick guerracid Marcus – Simin

Second stick, three base, Matt, Chapman

Third stick, Matt, Olsen

Fourth rod designated strike Chris Davis

Fifth stick two bases Jerexon – Propa

Sixth stick right wilder hand Stephen Piscoti

Seventh stick Chinese and foreign wilder Dustin F Weltor

Eighth stick left outer wilder Robie – Grossman

Ninth Catcher Nick – Hendley