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MLB30 days 30 teams: Toronto Blue Jays rookie reconstruction still sitting on the most down to earth

MLB enters the spring training, the 2019 season has arrows on the string, to help new and old fans to familiarize with the status quo of all teams as soon as possible, and launch 30 days 30 team special for reference. Introduced today is the Toronto Blue Jays.

Team: Toronto Blue Jays

Zoning: AL East

World Contest Champion: 2 times

Previous season record: 73-89

Team total average: 0.739 (Alliance 13)

Team earned run average: 4.85 (Alliance 27)

Coach: Charlie – about Monto

Review on the previous quarter

In the AL East this sinister partition, want to maintain long-term competitiveness easier said than done, before the start of the season competition can also fantasize about the second American League wild card of the Blue Jays will soon be brought back to a nightmare start a reality. Team plagued by injuries, long-term slump, the senior team can only accept the fact that the Blue Jays to rebuild three years ago was the AL MVP Josh – Donald Wilson was also trading lower deadline go sell price. Loved by players and fans coach John – Gibbons and the team do not want to go through reconstruction, check with the Blue Jays after peace broke up in the team’s final home game of the regular season, will not return to the new season.

Important offseason into and out

Out: Marco – Estrada, Taylor – Cleveland Prabhupada, Jan Gewei Si – Sola Stewart, Alai Demi Si – Diaz, Troy – Tulowitzki, Russell – Martin

Transferred: Trent – Thornton, Elvis – Luciano, Matt – Shoemaker, Creighton – Richard, David – Phelps, Freddy – Galvez, – John Axford, Bud – Norris, kore – Buchholz

Star players

A big league games are not played but has become the team’s first card, such a thing may be only a small Vladimir – Guerrero who will happen. Union official website generous played their first 80 points in the history out of his batting ability, in the “Baseball America” ??there is also a small Guerrero got a score of 80 points against 70 points of strength. To know that in 2012 they gave Bryce – as well as Mike Harper – Trout ratings was “only” 60 points against the strength of 80 points against 70 points and 65 power points.

Although the ineffable offensive end talent and talent, but not to the age of 20-year-old Guerrero has reached 113.4 kg body weight, fielding and base running both below-average performance had people worried about his future, after all in such a young age to become a full-time designated hitter of his career is not a good thing.

After a career In 2017, Justin – Smock’s performance declined slightly, but he still is the most rely on the Blue Jays offensive firepower. Over the past two seasons he blasted 63 home runs he made last year came to own the contract, in the case of normal play, Smock will definitely provoke missing slugger first baseman team’s attention on the market, perhaps his departure could push the pace again at Blue Jays reconstruction.

Osuna will compete for the team and Giles Terminator location

Osuna will compete for the team and Giles Terminator location

The issue of domestic violence door transit Osuna vote Bluebird Ken – – Roberto Giles in last season in the rescue and relief under a non-case simply different person, he did not fall through under the rescue once, threw 25.2 innings, only a 0.35 earned run average, on base every inning was only 0.662, but in the case of non-rescue his 24.2 innings with a 9.12 earned run average terrorist, walks plus hits per inning pitched 1.784. This season he will be responsible for the Blue Jays closed as a double bounce and candidates to be traded.

The current league No. 65 pick (fifth catcher position, the Blue Jays rookie third team) Danny – Jensen is an important part of the future of the Blue Jays, the team ate at the fan favorite, experienced local veteran, Russell – Martin twenty million big contract in more than eighty percent of wages but also to send him, just to be able to support Jensen host. The ability to combat known young catcher is expected to impact the new season before the 3rd American League catcher position.

Rookie catcher Danny - Jensen was pinned Blue Jays

Rookie catcher Danny – Jensen was pinned Blue Jays

Team outlook

Always admired the same district Tampa Bay Rays Blue Jays senior coaching philosophy this season invited previously served Rays bench coach Charlie – Monto about as a coach to guide the team to rebuild, in order to develop young players, Blue Jays eat at Martin’s contract, direct release Tulowitzki, spend the big price to let them go play for other teams. Blue Jays farm system is more than hold up the top rookie, although the team pose a real problem in the next one or two seasons, but give them enough space for development, which is full of talented young people still have a chance in the near future the future will emerge from this death partition.

Pitcher rating: ★★★

Wire Rating: ★ ☆

Expected record: 70-75 victory, the fourth partition

Team estimates to open season

Starting pitchers: Marcus – Stroman, Aaron – Sanchez, kore – Buchholz, Matt – Shoemaker, Ryan – Bolu Ji

Terminator: Ken – Giles

Relief pitcher: Ryan – Tepei La, Bud – Norris, Tim – Meza, John – Axford, Elvis – Luciano, Clayton – Richard

Catcher: Danny – Jensen, Luke – Maili

Infielder: Justin – Smock, German – Travis, small Flor Fernandez – Guliaier, Brandon – Drury, Freddie – Galvez, Richard – Ukraine Mascarenhas

Outfielder: Billy – McKinney, special Oscar – Hernandez, Kevin – Pilar, Randall – Gerry Chuck

Designated hitter: Kendall Rees – Morales