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Molina came out RBI single field 4 Cardinals Diamondbacks 9-7 off wins

Beijing time on September
24, the National League usher in a contest, the St. Louis Cardinals away to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Cardinals one step away from the division title, with just swept the Cubs in the same district rivals momentum, to win the game victory should be makes sense. The game, the Cardinals beat the hot line leading the way, and curb the rattlesnake several times counterattack, the final 9-7 away victory over the Diamondbacks.

[Data Highlight]

Cardinal aspect, Molina hits 2 4 RBI, Goldschmidt 2 2 RBI hits three points, two hits Edelmann 3 points. Rattlesnake aspect, Walker three hits back to 2 minutes, Ahmed 2 hits RBI.

[Competition process]

The first Jushang Ban, indeed, such as the recent trend of the game’s momentum Cardinals general, Edelmann second rod blasted spring gun, season 11 home runs for the team lead quickly score, 1-0; then, Goldschmidt elected to four balls walks, Ao Zuna base hit, two third base with one out someone; Molina ground ball outs but the success of RBI, the score becomes 2-0.

Half of the first inning, Wainwright sent two strikeout completion of first half 3 over 3 a.

Half of the second game, Walker, Jones three disulfide and continuous rod hit a base hit, rattlesnake 1 minute recovery, 2-1, at this time no out. The face of crisis, Wainwright created a double play, first play of Ahmed, Kelly was finally struck, only lost one point to defuse the crisis.

Third Jushang Ban, Edelman first rod is hit by pitch walks on base, Goldschmidt guns blasted two points, the Cardinals continued to respond to the onslaught of the opponent, the score went 4-1, gradually opened gap. Ao Zuna was then kill a fly ball, but Molina hit a base hit, but De Jong is struck, Bud fly ball outs, the Cardinals could not continue to score.

The second half of the fourth inning, the first rod against Walker blasted solo shot, the first 27 home run of the season to help reduce the points difference Diamondbacks, 4-2; but the Diamondbacks could not offensive series, the next three batters were out.

Fifth Jushang Ban, the Cardinals once again to fight back, Aozu Na then knock a base hit, taking scoring position; Molina then blasted two points gun, and pulled a large score again, 6-2.

The second half of the fifth inning, after one out, two consecutive rattlesnake on base, center field Rojas hits back to level flight 1 minute, 6-3; then Escobar hits and RBI, the Diamondbacks continue to chase points, 6-4 ; with a base hit and Lamb hit sacrifice fly Walker, rattlesnake single bureau recover 3 points, the score becomes 6-5.

Sixth Jushang Ban, Y rattlesnake starting pitcher benched, the field was administered 5.0 End play lost 6 points 7 hits, struck out five times, three home runs batted.

Sixth half, the same job done Wainwright Next, 5.0 innings to play 5 minutes lost eight hits, struck out six times.

Eighth Jushang Ban, Bud face Hirano good life smacked a home run, the Cardinals scored the insurance points, 7-5.

Jushang Ban ninth, the Cardinals created a no outs bases loaded situation, Molina hit sacrifice fly to score, 8-5; then catch catcher Kelly Plaza, Cardinals and then get 1 point, 9-5.

The first bottom of the ninth, the first bar to open Ahmed boom, again rewrite the score, 9-6; Kelly walked on base, then put the Cardinals continue Terminator Martinez pitching; Vargas fly ball outs, Dyson roll Earth teammates blocked at second base; Rojas base hit, the Diamondbacks will be sent out to 2 points, 9-7; Escobar number of full ball is struck, the end of the game, the Cardinals victory.

[Two sides starting]

St. Louis Heroes:

1. DXR – F Wales

2. Tommy – Edelman second baseman

3. Paul Gold Schmidt

4. Masel – Austrian left field

5. Adel – Molina catcher

6. Paul – de Jong shortstop

7. Matt – third baseman Carpenter

8. Harrison – Bad Zhongwai Wild Hand

9. Adam – Wright Pitcher

Arizona Snake Team:

Golde – Dai Sen Zhongwai Wild Hand

2. Josh – Rojas left fielder

3. Eduardo – second baseman Escobar

4. Christian – Walker baseman

5. Jack – third baseman Lamb

6. Adam – Jones right fielder

7. Nick Amide guerrilla

8. Carson – catcher Kelly

9. Alex – Young Pitcher

[Next prospect]

Cardinals under a rotation to the All-Star break invincible Jack – Vladimir Hedi starting pitchers this season, 10 wins and 8 losses 2.96 earned run average, bear face on a game, he pitched eight complete innings only lost 1 point, sent eight strikeouts, and earned run average dropped to 3.00, his only All-star break 1.05 ERA, leading the league.

Diamondbacks starting pitcher is – Mike Leake, 12 wins, 11 losses 4.38 earned run average, the Diamondbacks came from sailors, nine starters scored 3 wins, 3 losses 4.67 earned run average score, on a game face for the Marlins, 6.2 innings lost 3 points.