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Mustang super bowl MVP treasure knife is not old ambiguous shock single season 20

Feng – Miller has a long-term goal and a short-term goal. Two goals are ambitious.

The Denver’s wild horse rushed to put his goal on a record of 200 killing records that broke Bruce-Smith. To achieve this goal, Miller is until you have a particularly excellent season to let yourself avoid breaking records due to the decline in the end of your career. Miller currently obtained 98 kills in eight seasons, with an average of 12.25 times a season.

“I feel that I haven’t arrived at half of my career,” Miller said. “I want to usher in the ninth season. When we opened the tale meeting, I once came to Bruce – Smith, I chatted with him. He played 20 years, and the average was 10 times a season. It is just my rhythm. I hope I can get a season of 20 kills. If I can complete such performance, then I will make me step more than his rhythm. I still feel good today. The cloth says, ‘I am old but I still feel very good. I feel very good on the court. I still look very good, check it?’ His answer is, ‘Yes.’ “

“As long as I can play, as long as I can play the first gear and the second gear, then I am on the third gear, then I am still outstanding. Whenever I decline in the third file, you will I will know that Feng wants to leave. But I think I am far away from this day. “

Miller career single season is the best performance of the 2012 season. He has reached two digits in the 8 seasons, and only this achievement cannot be achieved due to injuries due to injuries in the 2013 season.

According to the current speed, Miller needs to break the record in the 17th season. But if he can win 20 kills in a single season, he can break the record only 15 seasons.

Smith played 19 NFL season but did not have a single season to win 20 times. However, his Age Union is not as good as it is now advocating. But he still has two counts of killing, even in his career, his performance is still stable.

The rushing hand does not necessarily fall rapidly with the rise of age. But if you can win 20 times in a single season, then Miller wants to break the record obvious easier.