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NBA: Can you win the weak team?

In the NBA, the traditional Haoqiang team has a loss, it is not enough, just a short injury, the player is not good, and the game will be accused of many people.

I don’t know where these people come to accuse this, there is no general victory in the world, and there is a good level of basketball.

For example, recently special baskets coach Nash, many people returned Nash’s basketball team to Li Tie’s stream coach, and even ridicule and roared.

It happened that I haven’t recently I haven’t seen the basketball game, and I still have a lot of people to do anything, so I have turned over the record of the basket. The Nets currently ranked high in the east, and their head coach Nash was crowned, but they did not understand the ball, and they did not understand the name of tactics.

But truly said that the weak team is still awkward, the Lakers is a typical team.

The Zijin Dynasty never had a lack of attention, and the attention is high. It does not mean that each season is good. This season’s Lakers are more injured players. The record is not good, and the ranking is barely in the playoffs. It can still be very miserable.

It is a lake team to win a few games, and is also a happy name to win a weak team.

There is a weak team naturally there is weak team, the strong is strong, and the weak is weak and sometimes explosing an amazing power, and the competition with weak and strong is very common in NBA.

In the playoffs, there is still less than a weaker competition, and the results of various competitions in the regular season have a tongue.

As soon as the last season, I pulled the ultimate Wizards in the last season, but I was defeated in the main garage, but I didn’t make sense, and the second brother hit a big brother.

This season’s Thunder itself is not strong, the record is very poor, and the lakes are the same as the baby, and there is more than 20 points behind.

The Lakers won the weak team and won the weak team and was also ridicpeted.

Including the Warriors, the brigade of the basketball team, but if you lose the game, you will be easy to be.

As long as the regular season is determined after entering the playoff, there is nothing to lose, even in the playoff game, as long as you don’t lose more than 3 small games, it has not impact the results of the game.

There is another season in several seasons. When there is a good team, sometimes it is very normal to play the opposite team, and the competition is very normal.

On the contrary, the strong team has been winning, the weak team has been lost, and the NBA really didn’t look at it. Everyone else didn’t hit it. Directly sentenced to the strong team to win?

For NBA’s strong team, the victory of every game is precious. Victory is victory, no matter whether it is a strong team or a weak team, it is worth celebrating, and it should be reviewed.

Therefore, there is no strength to lose, and only the difference between defeat, the winner is the king, and every victory is very valuable.

Whether it is a strong team or a weak team, as long as you can win this game, it is a very happy thing, it is completely different from the opponent, 29 opponents are not the NBA team?