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NBA Daily Red List: James proves that herself, Curry will come back in the library mode, the alphabet high efficiency

Today, only 5 games in NBA are doing, and it is a unrelated small game day. First, it is the game of League Lead Warriors. They overcome 105-90 in the
leadership of 105-90. In another game, the defending champion is 118-100. . The battle of the focus 110-106 defeated the Soco, James’s performance was victory. The results of the remaining 2 games were the Grizzlies 128-101 defeated the king, and the Celtics 109-97 defeated the robbery.

First, let’s talk about the Lakers’ game. The Lakers changed today, the third quarter, the opposite team was winning the competition in the third quarter, and the score of the 32-22 in the third section laid a victory tone, although the fourth quarter made a laverse Fallen, but eventually stayed. James appeared 37 minutes 24 seconds, 20 shots 12, three points 9 in 4, free throw 8 in 5, the whole contribution 33 points 5 rebounds 9 Assistant 2 steals 1 cover, prove the ability, the first red list A list of plays.

Turn again, another focus
of today’s Warriors, the warriors. The Warriors are not optimistic in the first half, the team offensive falls into the downturn, in Poole in the third quarter to find 4 three points in the third quarter, Curry is in the fourth quarter, three three three-three three-three three-three three-three three-three three-three three three-three thorough kill competitions Delivery mode. Curry is playing 34 minutes and 47 seconds, 22 shots 12, three-pointers 13 7, free throw 2 in the middle 2, the whole audience get 33 points 5 rebound 6 assists 6 steals data, is the success of the Warriors, It is also the second place in the Red List today.

Finally, come talk again. Bucks Today’s Strike Safe, I thought I would get a glue to the last moment of the game, but the matter is willing to violate the pedestrians, the pedestrians can not resist the strikes in the third quarter of the Buck, 39-27 single-section ratios make the buck opened. Bibli, this will then hold the leader to hold the leader to end. The letter brother will play 32 minutes and 40 seconds, 15 shots 10, three points 2 in 0, free throw 10 6 to win 26 points 13 rebound 3 assists 1 cap data, this is also the daily operation of the letter brother, which is extremely efficient. The letter brother has also become a player in the third place today.

The Warriors currently achieved 7 consecutive victories, and the Bucks also also 7 consecutivens, and the current sun is in a wave of 16 consecutive victories, the next 7-winning warrior will face the sun of 16 consecutive victories. A Mars hit the earth, the game will be on December 1, and the two losses will have a winning victory, and this game is still the first battle in the western part. It will occupy a favorable position. Today’s NBA daily red list is here, let’s see you tomorrow.