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NBA Western Team Level Division: Warrior Sun First Lakers Third

The new season, NBA regular season has already hit 1/4, and each team has conducted
approximately 20 games. Through these 20 games, we have a new understanding of 15 teams in the West. We divide them into a 6-speed team according to the 15th team’s game, in which the Warriors, the sun is in the first gear, and the Lakers live in the third gear.

First Echelon: Warrior Team and Sun Team

The Warriors and the Suns are two teams that have the best record in the League of the Season. The performance of the Warriors is 18 wins and 2 losses, this is one of the best openings in NBA history. The Sun Team started with a disappointing 1-3, but soon a wave of 16 consecutive victories.

The performance of the two teams in both ends of the team is excellent. The Warriors’ Attack Efficiency Ranking Alliance Second, defensive efficiency ranked first, and the Sun team ranked seventh and third. Top 10 in these two data, the top 10, often means that this team has the strength of the crown.

The Warriors and the Sun team have been running out, they are now a unique team in the West. For this, I believe that no fans will be questioned.

Second Echelon: Jazz

There is no doubt that the jazz is a regular season team. They ended the regular season in the first place last season. This season, the jazz is still strong in the performance of regular season, and their offensive efficiency ranks first.

Time will prove that the jazz can overcome some of the problems that have plagued them in the past, but we know that this team will continue to win. As long as they can stay healthy, they should be in the first 4 of the west.

Third Echelon: Dragon, Club, Pioneer, Lakers

The Salers’ top superstars have such a top superstar, which makes them have a very high bottom line. And the upper limit of this team, you have to see how Police Giz and other roles. As for the Clippers, it is difficult to judge their true level before Len Nad returns. By Lubus’s experiments have failed, they are still a seasons, but they are only limited to this.

This is a difficult season opening for the Lakers who has been hovering in 50% win. James has made, this is his career “the most difficult season”. The prospect of the Lakers makes people worry.

Fourth Echelon: Forest Wolf, Grizzlies, Nuggets, Kings

The Nuggets fell to the fourth echelon, really surprised. The injuries of their team are too much, Jamar Murray, Xiaomahot, Dorel all falls. Johi is very powerful, but he can do only so much.

At the same time, the Timber Wolf, Grizzlies and the Kings of the Kings are all striving to enter the playoffs.

Fifth Echelon: 鹕

The Pelican and the Thunder, the Spurs and the Rockets are not at a level of Zion – Williamson. Now the evaluation of the squad is still too late. If Zi is coming back soon and can play the performance of the last season, they still have the opportunity to compete for a race game ticket.

Level 6: Thunder, Spurs, Rocket

So far, Thunder and Spurs are more competitive, but they are all in a similar position – reconstructing the team to enter the pleasure area.

Despite this, these three hinding teams also have many points. They have a lot of excellent young people, such as Dort, Murray, and Jay Green. Looking at the young people struggle, this is also a beautiful enjoyment.