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New York Metropolitan Acquisition Curtains Billionaire Copen becomes a new owner of the team

The New York Metropolis acquisition finally came to an end, and the well-known businessman Steve Cohen was aggregated yesterday with the Metropolitan Board Wilp family. This team in New York Queens will not be the same.

At present, the last obstacle left in this acquisition is that it has to agree with 23 bosses in the league. According to Metropolis https://www.trikotskaufenn.comlast night, this acquisition has been submitted to the league. If there is enough boss to recognize the transaction, Cohen will officially become a new boss of the metropolis. “It’s too excited”, Kohen signed the acquisition of the intention to say in the statement, “can be a wonderful moment to buy from the Will Pont family.”

Both the big boss now is the Wil Pon family Fred – Wilp, his sister worn Saire-B-Kitz and son Jeff – Wilto is the team’s small boss and major shareholders. In 2008, the financial tsunami hit the Wil Pont, and before and after 2010, they began selling a small number of team shares, Cohen was at that time.

In fact, from last year, Cohen has launched a negotiation between the acquisition of the Wil Pont, but the negotiations in February this year, the two parties and the subsequent Will Paba family’s control of the team Not agreeing. Cohen was previously a small shareholder of the Metropolis. In 2012, he bought a total of 8% of the Shares in 40 million US dollars. Last year, the Wil Pon family wants to sell 80% of the shares 26 billion.

This acquisition has been reversed in the last month. The team before MLB star A-ROD released the notice to quit the acquisition, Kohen announced, and he was eligible to launch the final negotiation of the Wil Pont. Although the team of A-ROD and Jennifer said they will acquire most of the most recorded prices, but they eventually seem to be lost. Compared with billionaires, the A-ROD team Dongqiqi is still a difference.

There have been news that after selling the team, Jeff Wilong is still in his current position for five years. This is Cohen’s unacceptable, and the main negotiations in February. factor. Today, the Wil Pon family may make a concession, and the price is more than the previous $ 2.6 billion. Metropolis fans saw this acquisition, the Wil Pon family was annoyed by the players because of the lack of investment and excessively interference teams all the year, and now this new boss is not only rich, but also a big fans for many years. Perhaps this is a good day for the New York team who is suppressed by Yangji.

The Wil Pon family can say that it is very embarrassing, although the Metropolitan is the sixth place in the entire big alliance last year, but since 2011, the total salary of the Metropolis will never enter the top ten of the league. . In the 2011 season, their total salary is $ 118 million, ranking in the seventh year, 2019 after nine years, their total amount is only 148 million, ranking 12.

Since 2002, the Varum family has mastered most of the equity of the Metropolis, in 17 years, they only
scored three playoffs, and once they were intimate. In the second half of the team, the team often defeated the wind with the Philadelphians. After that, it was repeatedly suppressed by the nationals. Now the Warriors have been rebuilt, and it seems that it seems still not to show the day. But good in the existence of macaris, all of the biennial partial partition bottom.

However, Cohen has also encountered a financial crisis in a few years. The SAC consulting firm’s financial fake things under his name is, and he is also a huge amount of $ 900 million. In addition, he has to pay $ 900 million margin to the federal government, including $ 616 million to the SFC.

In 1980, the founder of the Metropolis Pesins family chose to sell the team. At that time, the Publishing DoubleDay Group spent $ 21.1 million to buy 95% of the shares, and the old Will Punta bought the remaining 5%. In 1986, DoubleDay Group made a strategic adjustment, and the old Will Punta had a $ 81 million to make his shareholding ratio reached 50%, and the DoubleDay Group’s headner of Nelson Dabur was 50%. In 2002, the Wil Paba family bought the remaining shares of Dabal, formally controld the majority of the most, and the sister, Cartes called the team president, son Jeff Wil Pont became the chief financial officer.