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NFL crow started in the name of the newspapers

Baltimore Crowding Subject 4 points Verffin III Robert Griffin III, the right hand fracture, he will absent the “training at least a few weeks”, the head coach John Harbaugh said on July 29. According to a source told ESPN reporter Adam – Shevt, Griffin’s right thumb appeared fracture, and it is expected to be absent from 4-8 weeks. This means that RG3 will not be able to debut in the preseason, or will miss a few regular sessions before the season.

It is reported that the M & T Bank Stadium training is over, RG3 accidentally hits the helmet of the outside, the helmet of the Tim Williams, after a pass exercise, and then the old four Spades of pain, take off the helmet and gloves.

“My thumb has a problem,” RG3 said in an interview: “I knocked down a defensive player’s helmet, I think this is why I will tell them away every time I will tell me away.” Accept X-ray After the examination, RG3 was more upset, and his wife sat next to it, and he sent him to tears from time to time. After that, RG3 returned to the court, and the training end RG3 jumped over the signature link directly to the room, because the signature he needs to take off the shoulder and jersey.

After injury, RG3 wrote a propelion in the twitter: “Everything you have experience will make you stronger.”

After being cut in 2017, RG3 signed a contract with the crow in April 2018, he has always been the replacement of Joe Flacco and the Lamar Jackson last season. In the 2018 season, the 21 yards were advanced in 6 pass 2. Although RG3 did not play a lot of play time, his style was too close to Jackson, and he used Jackson’s role in training. In addition, Jackson and RG3 were the highest honor Herosmann prize in university rugby.

There is still more than a month, now there is more than a month, now the crow needs to sign a new quarter-off, because in addition to the first Ramar Jackson and the substitute RG3, only quarter-off It is the sixth round of choice of the New Show Triesei-McSorley.

When answering if he worried that Griffin’s injury problem, Jackson’s voice was slightly swallowed: “Of course, he is my brother.”