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NFL’s highest annual salary take over! Thomas fifth year of 100 million dollars binding Saint

Big! combine! same! Come! La! On the evening of July 31, Beijing time, NFL Exterior Homas was agglomerated with the New Orleans Saints. The two sides signed a large contract worth 5 years of $ 100 million, including $ 61 million security . With this fertilizer, Thomas surpasses the small Odel-Beckham (Odell Beckham) has become the highest extension of the union salary, and also announced that the outer hand is officially grounded to 20 million times!

Thomas entered the last year of the rookie contract this season, only $ 1.48 million. He did not report to the Saint Team Training Camp to seek a new contract. Thomas is one of the absence of a few “like-minded” star players. Except for him, Dallas denim runs it, Ezekiel Elliott, Los Angeles Lightning Runs Melwen – Gordon (Melvin) Gordon) Washington Red Skin Attack Dragonfly Trent Williams and Jacksonville Americas Yannick NGAKOUE have also applied to the club.

After the Thomas continued, Encad was sour, he wrote on the tweet: “This is what you should have!”

The annual salary of 20 million US dollars has been refreshed. Before the Thomas continued, Beibei’s 5 years of $ 90 million – the annual salary of 18 million US dollars maintained the highest salary record of NFL, but Xiaobei’s $ 65 million guarantee Still taller than Thomas. At present, Thomas’ annual salary ranks 22nd, and is also a non-quadruple player in the fifth high income. After the 2019 season, if the Saint is not in contraction with Bris, Thomas will become the highest salary player in the team.

Thomas’s paper continues to open is a Pandora’s magic box, because there is also Hurio Jones, Amari Cooper, Aj Green and Thairi The top outer junctions such as Tyreek Hill are waiting to continue, they are likely to have a chain effect like dominoes, one will continue to refresh the record, enter the 200 million external new era. In a sense, these players are looking forward to the other party to renew, so that the latter can continue the price.

As a two-round show of Ohio, Thomas is very good at his top three NFL season. In the 2016 season, 92 shots were promoted in 1137 yards, and 104 battles were completed in the 2017 season to advance 1245 yards and 5 reachaes.

In the 2018 season, Thomas’ s performance is also rising, and 125 balls are completed into 1405 yards and 9 reachaes. Among them, 125 game rankings, the first, 75 times, the first attack is ranked third, 85% of the NFL The ball success rate is the best player in 247 players since 1992 (at least 145 aim), the best players in the single game, and the second in the second WES Welker in 2007. 77.2% of the ball were completed, and the two were more than 7.8 percentage points. There is no doubt that Thomas is the most trusted pass target of Drew Brees, and is also one of the strongest junctions of NFL.

It is worth noting that after 2015, after Jimmy Graham, Jimmy Graham, and which technology player has not paid more than 10 million US dollars. Today, Thomas is broken, and his importance in the attack is that any technical player can’t match before. In the 2018 season, Thomas’s number of battles in the team is 44 times more than Rank, Alvin Kamara, which is more than 90 times of Benjamin Watson, except Thomas. There is no blessing of the ball outside the ball over 28 times (than 97 times more than the ranked external hand.

If there is no Thomas, how will the Saints? I can’t go to the playoffs, this is sure.

There is no doubt that Thomas is one of the most dangerous external hands of NFL. The most dangerous tilt route takes over, Dru-Bris’s favorite pass target, the most stable engaged machine. Today, Thomas’ s slashing is inserted on Bris, which has become the most difficult to prevent the Saint-style skeleton attack.

In the last year, Bris’s contract entered the last year, with Kamara and Ma Shaen Rativore, also in the rookie contract, the Saint-Heavy Gold renewed the Thomas and the defensive end Karmelon – Cameron Jordan. Think of two consecutive years in the national contest, the 2019 season’s Saints only one – super bowl.