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Nick Wellns is not good Casson Wwitz return or will wait until October

The eagle fans came back to bed on the morning on Friday, although the team 18-12 defeated Atlantan Falcon, but the fans were in almost the whole game praying for Jim-Schwarz defensive group. They, the eagle may have already lost the north at home. Nick Falls can’t copy his excellent performance in the super bowl. The last year’s super bowl MVP looks back before liberation overnight, and the 117 yards in the whole game will be promoted. There is also a copy. At this point, how much fans miss Kasse – Wenz.

Carson Wwitz participates in the team training

Carson Wwitz participates in the team training

Still do you endure for a while Nick-Falls. According to a news in NFL official Thursday night, Kason Wenz may wait until October. During the game of the Los Angeles ram last year, Wenz accidentally torn the ligament. At present, it is in the recovery period. Although he has begun to participate in 11 people from August 19th, it is not allowed to have any body. touch. According to NFL NETWORK report, Wenz may also need “a few weeks” to recover, the old Eagle is planning to “minimize risks”, before Wenz “100% injury” will not let him play.

Ok, since Wenz returned to the time, the fans hope that Falls wants to cheer up, or may take over Alhen, Jeffrey, will hurt the team. The days of Freet were also delayed. After winning the Falcon Brigade on Thursday evening, Jeffrey accepted the interview with the “Sports Pictorial” reporter Jenny – Wilong Tower, saying that he still takes a few weeks. “Sometimes I feel very good, sometimes … I am injured should be quite serious.” This is the first time Jeffri’s injury in the past few months.

Last season, the eagle is urgently needed to give Wenz to work, the bear old will join the extensive port of Alhen, Jeffrey, and the two sides signed a 1 year trial contract. Jeffri is injured during the training camp, because the season will be played immediately, Jeffrey decided to fight for a year. Even so, Jeffrey’s performance is still very good last season, this old will push the regular season 57 to 9 times to reach the 489 yards, and also put the 219 yards in the playoffs. 3 times. In the super bowl of competition, Jeffrey took 3 times to advance the 74 yards and 1 to help the eagle 41-33 defeated the patriots to take the first Rundadi cup of the team. In December last year, Jeffrey took a four-year 52 million US dollar fat with the team with excellent performance. At the end of the super bowl, Jeffrey chooses to immediately accept surgery, and repair his injuries in the whole season as soon as possible.

The Eagle is unveiled in the battle to defeat the falcon, but their attacks are simply unable to show, and if there is no Jeffrey and Wenz, the eagle will be very sad in several games in the next few games. Through the competition, we can see that the main weapons of the Eagle, the main weapons of the Eagle, only Nielsen – Agolol (8 times a ball 33 yards), just introduced Mike Wallace can’t make tacit understanding with Falls, and The team is quite relying on the near-end Fengzak-Erz only advanced 48 yards, and there have been two bolus to get off, and it is not obvious.

Look at the eagle’s schedule, they want to be in the next two games to the Tama Pacifiers and Indianapolis, the former 4 points Wei Jie Miss Winston is still banned, the latter Andrew Ruk For the shoulder injury, missed a whole season. In the past, the old Hawks came next to the next five opponents, and 4 last year entered the playoffs.

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