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Not attributed but three-degree Chinese baseball life

Written / Zhang Zihan

Naturalization, the key words of China’s sports in 2019, from Beijing Guoan players who have been successful, Hou Yonghe Li can go to Garat or the naturalized news. In fact, as early as a 10 years ago, there is a Japanese-American player who has a Chinese national baseball team for China’s effectiveness. He is Zhang Baohu, the king of the former national team guerrilla.

Zhang Baohu represents China’s participation in the competition of China is the highest level of international altar – WBC World Baseball Classic. In order to promote baseball, let baseball truly internationalization, the organizing committee provides that as long as it can provide the country’s birth certificate, even if other national passports can also be effective for “hometown”. Zhang Baohu’s father is a Hong Kong man. The mother is Shanghai people, and the pure Chinese descent is naturally qualified for the WBC for the Chinese team.

Since the shirt of the Chinese team, Zhang Baohu is unfolbened with China Baseball. This World Baseball Classic, he has played three years. In 2017, Zhang Baohu announced his retirement after the end of the WBC, and served as the MLB Baseball Development Center Baseball Operating Manager.

The big league is the new show in 2009, the international competition is born.

Zhang Baohu’s parents met in China and immigrated the United States. They opened a Chinese restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri. He and other Chinese children in Missouri have no matters. First, go home to complete the job and help parents. It’s just that Zhang Baohu loves the baseball from a little, and has always sent a big alliance.

Zhang Baohu’s career is not smooth. After graduating from Rockhurst University, he landed in the 2005 MLB draft selection conference. As a free player, he participated in MLB trials in a small city in Iowa. San Diego priests signed a small alliance contract.

A few years ago, the small alliance career, Zhang Baohu rose straight line, but it has not been warm, there is no highlight time. On the eve of the World Baseball Classic in 2009, Zhang Baohu was invited to China National Team, and No. 21 was invited to the Chinese Baseball Association. After years of time, Zhang Baohu also said that he was very nervous when he was introduced into the team: “Everything happens very quickly. On the one hand, I am very excited to represent my parents’ hometown China. On the one hand, I feel that I see these Chinese players are very nervous. But what I can do is to help China will win in the tournament. “

Zhang Baohu, who has touched the American Baseball Small Alliance, has been a guerrilla location, not only the guerrilla area is highly ready to have a strong capacity, but also serve as a second base, a three-step position. As the inner defensive core, Zhang Baohu is well-prepared, there is a strong reading ability on the complex situation, and the brach is not bad. Zhang Baohu quickly integrated into the team, and Zhang Yufeng, Chinese national team, also pleaded guerrillas.

On March 7, 2009, it was a day that China’s baseball history could not forget. This day, the Chinese team defeated China Taipei at the World Baseball Classic in the World Baseball Classic in 4 to 1. With this game, China has completed the Olympic Games in China’s Taipei, the classic match, and Zhang Baohu as the center of the Chinese team, the single completed San’an Farm reward, first in front of the game Into the first half of the eighth bureau to open the home base to kill the competition. At the same time, in the defense, Zhang Baohu grabbed the Japanese media in the event with the strong shoulders and the large-scale consciousness of the rapid shift and the big profit.

After that, Zhang Baohu opened his performance in WBC. When China’s world-class strong brigade, Li Shuai from Henan Ji Pixun, Li Shuai, who was in the peak, the top 52, South Korea, 52 Pulling the ball to the guerrilla direction, Zhang Baohu first picked up the ball’s bounce and then the side of the cloud flowing water, and finally Jintai was out of office. This preparation was called “God”, and the fans in the scene were applauded by Zhang Baohu.

The top of the Chinese baseball MVP, Zhang Baohu returned to the United States after the classic game, was upgraded to the 2A level small alliance. In the 2010 season, he played nearly 3% hits, 40% 36 split ratio, and more gratifying, he gradually showed a long-playing ability, 116 games he played 9th horn, there is still Continue to grow space.

It’s time to go to the big union, the big league, the fracture is missing.

In the middle of the 2011 season, Zhang Baohu was called the 3A-level small Union Rochester red wing. On May 28, 2011, when Zhao Baohu was completely mastered with the 3A-level rhythm, in the face of the grooming level. The first shot: the home run. The second shot: the home run. That night he called the first and second home base in 44 games after 3A. Zhang Baohu feels great, never there is so brave in the baseball field.

Unfortunately, Zhang Baohu’s high-gloss is too short, Dell Wen – Yang is playing in the sixth game with a high-speed ball in the left outer field. The guerrilla’s Zhang Baohu has to look back, the three base teammates Matthew – Brown also chasing a ball. They collided.

Zhang Baohu caught this ball and caught out and collided with his teammates directly to make his left leg. The fracture also made Zhang Baohu said goodbye to the big alliance in the same year. The second year, Zhang Baohu is getting returning, but it can’t be found lately. The ability of the ball beforewards has also been greatly degraded, and the upper rate has been 3%. At that time, Lin Shuhao set off “Lin Ring Wind” in New York, if Zhang Baohu can also board the big alliance, and the performance of the two Chinese players will have to create unparalleled media effects. Unfortunately, this is all because Zhang Baohu’s injury.

“It’s time to be a stone,” Zhang Baohu recalled that he walked at the big alliance. “This is very difficult. I don’t lie to you, I have been in a long time, and I have fallen down.”

The last battle of the two classic games is Chinese robes

Although Zhang Baohu is still struggling in the Small League, as long as he is put on the Chinese team’s robes, he swept the haze and waves a big stick. In the 2013 World Baseball Classic, Zhang Baohu, who was once again called to join the Chinese national team, left an indelible mark to Chinese fans: when there is a Brazilian team with many Japanese players, he played a key to play in the 8th game. The Chinese team has also achieved advanced division, and the final will win in 5-2. China once again won a win in the classic game.

Last year, the Chinese baseball team has also mentioned this scene when he accepted an interview: “The whole team is excited by Zhang Baohu, and the team’s guys have always worked hard. The victory of this game also proved China. You can play baseball, we are a team with potential, we have come to classic games to win. “The Chinese team’s head is in full, and the Japanese Wars Nine Bureau is only defeated by 3 points. China’s first pitcher Luo Xia has strong Japan in Japan and 3.2 games only lose 1 point to send 2 three vibrations.

In 2015, MLB China has once again visited the Nanjing Baseball Development Center. But Zhang Baohu refused, he felt that he still had a good body state, and there is still a chance to go up. During the 2016 season, Zhang Baohu was invited to participate in the Sinnatin’s spring training, only 5 shots but he slammed 4 security, and there were three second bases. However, this did not let him stay in the team. Before the regular season opened the season, he was designated by the team with a 3A-level small alliance.

Before the 2017 World Baseball Classic, Zhang Baohu said to the media that he retired high-hanging jersey after the championship. In the classic game, China is eliminated in the first round of the game, and Zhang Baohu as a Chinese team player, can play the world’s first-class strong team in Japan in the first game of China, and then the last day This is itself a coincidence and represents the new beginning of his career.

On the stage of the classic game, Zhang Baohu has repeatedly built a strange job for China and let the world have met the power of Chinese baseball. The three-degree red shirt, Zhang Baohu is still slightly regrett, and it is not possible to lead the Chinese team to further in the classic. After the end of the classic game, he got directly to the MLB China Baseball Development Center.

Imagine Chinese Baseball Future Zhang Baohu Harvest Love in China

Zhang Baohu is now MLB’s baseball operation manager in the Nanjing Development Center. In addition to the day-to-day coach, it is necessary to recruit a series of work such as recruiters. 13 years of small alliance career has ended, Zhang Baohu has never thought of being a coach before this, but it is still necessary to promote this baseball. He accepts this invitation to start working in Nanjing.

From the player transformation into the coach, Zhang Baohu is not timid to say that he is a small union year. “When I took these middle school players, I took the initiative to share my life in the small alliance,” Zhang Baohu said. “In this movement of the baseball, you can’t take everything as a matter. Many opportunities are in front of their eyes, you must double your efforts. I think I am very fortunate to fight in the career game for 13 years.”

In Nanjing’s two years of life, Zhang Baohu also got his own life happiness. He married a Nanjing girl and officially became a Nanjing son-in-law. The exchange between husband and wife is mainly Chinese, and Zhang Baohu also laughed in his first language is Chinese, just need time to increase slowly. Nanjing dialect is also learning.

MLB deep popped Chinese baseball market, the Baseball Development Center has cultivated 7 small parliament
players since its establishment. The “Yao Ming” of the first baseball industry has not appeared yet. Zhang Baohu has decided to live in China for a long time and continue to explore the potential to cultivate China’s baseball potential. He also believes that the future of Chinese baseball is bright, everything needs time to explain.

Although China’s small parliament player is not as good as a few famous athletes in Japan, China can continue to emerge in China, which is not easy to continue to emerge. The MLB Development Center gives the small players to provide a platform that allows them to get more professional training and full English environments earlier than Japanese and Korean high school students so that they can seamlessly in the future and American life. Zhang Baohu feels that in addition to training the children, even if you can’t sign MLB but can also develop in other fields, there are more life choices.

As the Chinese team of the World Baseball Classic, Zhang Baohu has faded the player’s rays, becoming a Chinese baseball first-line coach. Although it is unrecognized, it has been effective. China is already a part of the difficulty of Zhang Baohu baseball life.