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Old steed high aspirations today Brady’s storied career to write a new chapter

On February 4, Beijing time, the 53rd super bowl came to an end. Eventually, the New England Patriots to 13: 3 victory over the Los Angeles Rams, the sixth Super Bowl championship aspirations. Legendary New England Patriots quarterback – Tom Brady, though not very rosy brought performances in the Super Bowl, but at the crucial moment of the performance to help the team gain a lead in touchdowns. He also relies on this sixth gold Super Bowl ring, the first in NFL history to further consolidate star status. [More] Highlights

Back to the time of the 52nd Super Bowl a year ago, Minnesota US Bank Stadium sky blue rain, Brady eyes filled with lonely hurried away. In that war and the Philadelphia Eagles, Brady record outgoing 505 yards and three touchdowns, but because of their fatal mistakes off the ball lost a good Board.

Close but missed, for anyone who is a devastating blow. Although after Brady has repeatedly said he still loves football, but he makes all sorts of performance in the offseason feel that he seemed to lose kind of morale: the coach Biliqiehe birth generals contradictory rumors, because problems with the contract extension team loggerheads, frequently attend various business activities, even absent part of the team training off-season preparation, which is very different from Brady perfect man in the past whole-heartedly football.

Not surprisingly, the new season of Brady and the Patriots did show a little “useless” big score defeat to the Lions, Jaguars and Titans, Brady has been slow in the past brought back precise passing, even passing target the choice has become increasingly conservative. Coupled with the rise of Macho Williams, such as a public Goff new quarterback, can not help but lament the end of the era of belonging to Brady, the Patriots this is also considered the least competitive in recent years, the Patriots.

Stumbled all the way, the Patriots or the identity of the American League playoffs second seed in advance, that is to face the first game this season good Lightning team in Los Angeles. Lightning quarterback this season, sent rivers MVP-level performance, it also allows the outside world generally optimistic about the Lightning team can successfully overcome Fort fox. However, the Patriots into the playoffs, but changed the tide of the regular season, the first half to make the game a big lead early loss of suspense lightning. This game road Patriots offensive and defensive play sets fast, and there is no chance to prove himself to Brady too much. At the same time into the American League finals, the road to face coming regular season MVP Macho Williams led the Chiefs, the Patriots continued good state, defense group to a great extent locked chiefs of the attack, and he is relying on the excellent road advance firmly in control of the ball. But coming MVP strength is still unusual, Macho James on a limited offensive time the game into overtime. The last moment, perhaps stimulated by the young niche, familiar Brady finally came back and began to take over the game Street Fighter passing attack, the success wave away game in overtime. Patriots advance to the Super Bowl again.

Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta, Brady set foot on the individual’s ninth Super Bowl trip. Faces competition, it is the first time 17 years ago Brady Super Bowl trip rival Los Angeles Rams (former St. Louis Rams). 17 years ago, Brady was a marked just starting nobodies, 17 years later, Brady became countless glorious history of the best plus body, back to the beginning, this is the fate or clever arrangement.

And the game, Brady’s performance and progress this season, the Patriots are also surprisingly similar, Brady opening of the first pass was steals opponents, followed by the other was a record result in heavy sack off the ball , free kick Shepian, the offense frequently blocked. Fortunately, the Patriots defense group show amazing state, tightly grabbed the Rams offense, the end of the first half, the Patriots 3: 5-0 Rams.

Into the second half, the Rams offense has been improvement, success in the match, as both sides so they could not break the stalemate, the outcome of the balance between the often break moment. And Brady is at this moment to stand up man, although Brady tonight’s performance and can not say good, but in the fourth quarter and 7 minutes when a long pass connection with the old partner of glycopyrrolate Koski success for the team advance to two-yard line before the end zone. Followed by running back Sony – Michelle overnight touchdown, the Patriots the lead again. Patriot morale, Stephen – Gilmore complete a key steals in the next wave of defense, and under the leadership of Brady, the use of game time will run the ball vanished. Eventually, the New England Patriots to 13: 3 victory over the Los Angeles Rams, Brady also willing to hold the sixth Super Bowl trophy career.

Old soldiers never die, but gradually dying. Looking back this year, I had to admit that in the years of the 41-year-old veteran who has left its mark, so Brady gradual loss of arm strength and accuracy. Although he has created unprecedented alliance NFL, it is difficult to those who have great achievements, but he no longer seems capable of carrying the superhero team forward alone. But he is still the leader of this great team, with a veteran team led the way, let this stand out more tonight Patriot Heroes: omnipotent Edelman, work independently – Stephen Gill Moore, carry the team pavement offensive banner of Sony – Michel, suffered serious injuries in the game, still standing on the sidelines of plaster Padraic – bell. The birth of the great leader of a great team of helpers, which also created this team great.

Three years ago, Peyton – Manning to a Super Bowl championship to end his storied career. Three years later, in the same way Brady won their sixth Super Bowl title, although Brady has not yet determined her retirement, but for many Patriots fans, to witness this legendary era, blessed !