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omnipotent! Mark’s first show shines on the morning



If your new east gives your most expensive contract, what kind of way you will use? Quadritabroas? Line behind? Killing? Manufacturing a drop? Pick up the fall? CD? Casseth attack to reach? I believe anything is a good feedback method. However, the new aid of the Chicago Bear Team made the above things!

Prior to the first week, the Chicago Xiong team successfully seized the headlines of all major sports media in the United States with a wave of tromeware and the continuation operation. The protagonist of this incident is the prestance to the Auckland raid team of Junjar Mark. Bigted, the first game after the Mark converts the east is a lot of live broadcast, so this and Green Bay packaging team elite four-point Wei Alon Rogers also became the biggest look.

However, the time of the Mark joined the bear team is too short, and he will also say that he will not play too much before the game. At the beginning of the game, the bear team did do. In the defense of a few pavements, Mark was watching it on the field; but the audience did not wait too long, the game was just a minute and a half, the bear team Welcome to a three-speed defense, Mark immediately appeared. There is only one of his mission. It is the speed of rapid to Alon Rogers, and he has done this; in this three-speed defense, he pushed the first front of the packaging team. Briene Braga. Quick close to Rogers, if it is not a quick shot, Mark is a little killed.

The first competition is basically dominated by the Bear’s offensive group. Mark has not got a lot of play chances; however, the second game has become a personal performance time of Mark. This game, the bear offensive is slightly stagnant, and the packaging team offensive group gains more time and opportunities; however, this is also Mark’s opportunity. In the third section of the third section, he once again broke through Braga’s blocking, and he killed Rogers, and this offense was also killed by Rogers and led Rogers’s injury to the field. When Mark’s goal becomes a packaging team, the task is more simple, and the task is more simple; when there is still a three-minute walk from the end of the game, Bradga finally can’t reach Mark. Impact, let Marc have achieved the first time to join the bear team. This time, the killing directly led to Kase, the Mark’s eyes were quickly grabbed, and he completed the killing, manufacturing the ball, picking up a series of operations of the ball; Fly.

However, the performance of Mark did not end. After a minute before the end of the half, the packaging team won the right power, and under the pressure of Mark, the quartz Swan is unlocked, and the first round of this year’s first round of the new show Word Wanke – Smith Catching is being positive, the packaging team has to face a three-speed long code. But this time is the left side of the offensive front line, and Kaizi is in the rain, the ball is short, the ball is not biased to enter Carrier Maki-Cascade! Mark hid two offensive front line players block, and ran into the array area all the way, completed the 27 yards of the copy of the copy!

In the third quarter, Rogers returned home, in order to reduce the pressure of the pocket, Rogers sailed the speed of the shot; however, Mark still put pressure on the right side of the pocket.

However, the tactical intent of the packaging team finally received the effect in the fourth quarter, and the dance in the Rogers pocket also made him hide over again and again. After chasing two reaches, the packaging team saw a chance to reverse. When the game was only two minutes left, Rogers finally came out of the dead, although Mark’s trial, but did not succeed in blocking Landel – Kobi, allowing the packaging team to reverse. With the quarter of Swan Shot, the bear lost the game.

Although the game is negative, Carrier Mark has achieved 3 hugs, 1 time killing, 1 time to create a ball, pick up the ball, 1 copy and attack 27 code quadratic overall data . Under the data, the power of the offensive front line of the packaging team is suffering from him, let Mark contributes countless quarter-free pressure. This performance is absolutely highly underground, it is omnipotent!

In 2014, the first round of the first round was selected by the Auckland raid team four years, Mark won 314 hugs, 40.5 times, in addition to the rookie season, he can contribute more than 10 times in 2015-2017 . As an alliance top-level rushing, he selected a professional bowl three times, two new year first lineup, 2016 for the best debut player. It is the excellent performance of him and Derrick Carl et al., Let the raiders quickly jumped from the League Fisherd to become a strong competitor in the playoffs.

In the past four years, Mark has been in the raid team; but before the start of this season, the contractual issue between the team and Mark has not been properly solved due to the contradiction between Joe-Grunette, the team and Mark. Under Wanzhi, the raid team sent Mark to the Chicago bear, in exchange for two first round of draft. After the bears were traded, they were transferred to a 6-year $ 141 billion in a supercom for 6 years, so that Carrier Mark became the highest defensive player in the total alliance. I don’t know how Mark’s performance is today, will not let the raid team boss and Joe Terrier regret.

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