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On the 20th MLB, look at the little bear wants to sweep the snake.

On September 20th, Beijing time, the US professional baseball big league has 14 games: the bears fight the tail snake, red socks fight the Yangji, the blue bird battle Gao Yi, the royal battle pirate, the big battle, the battle city, the double city battle tiger, white socks The warriors, the red tamp to the warrior warrior, the red people fight winemaker, the light battle cavalry, sailor battle space, the angel battle sportsman, the giant battle priest, Rocky to the battle mouth.

The Red Sox of Meidian East is 103 wins, and the team history record is 105 wins, leading the Yangji 10.5 games. Although the Indian team of the United States Union is only 84 wins, but it has ensured that the partition name is quite in the season, leading the second two-city 14.5 games, and the United States, the defending champion space team 95 wins the second place 5 winners of sports teams. The two outer cards are the Yangji and sportswells, respectively, and the distances are only nearly 2.5 games, and the Yangji also needs to work hard to keep the external card home advantage.

The Warriors in Guoxung District leads the second Philadelphia team with 5.5 win. The National Lianzhong District Wine Scenery and the Bennimony Bear Team have a difference between the Benn Bear team. The National Lianxi District Daoqi turned over the top of the leader. The first outer card is a wine tower, the second outer carbonque leader Luoji 1.5 games, leading the snake team and the Philadelow team.

[Chicago Cabin Team – Arizona Snake Team]

The bear team first pitcher: Cole-Hamels

The snake team first pitcher: Robie-Thunder

After tomorrow, the bear team can finally take a break from 30 days in the continuous battle, the main coach Joe-Madden said: Fortunately, our team is more integrated, if you change the agenda player for 20 years I have already started mutual. Epsin, president of baseball, said: I know that they are tired, but they don’t feel tired, our team will be strong.

It may be a feeling of resting days, and the walked line of the bear team. The most valuable player’s top candidate Bayz continuously hit the home run, Bryant and Murphy also hit the home run, ending the top 7 games only 15 points, this A series of 2 game bear teams won 14 points.

The tail snake team’s tail section is really unfavorable. All 13 games in the past are the top-name strong teams. The result lost 10 games and fell to the third, and the lack of the country’s head name is 6 games, backward second The outer car narcles is also 6 games.

In the spring training, Bayz gave himself the goal to be 30 strokes and 100 points and able to win the gold glove. Now he has reached 33 projectors to fight, and the country is led by 107 points, but his offering The position is not very fixed, so it may not be able to get a gold glove.

[Seattle Sailor Team – Houston Space Team]

Sailor team first pitcher: Ronis – Ilias

The space team first pitcher: Dallas Kakor

The space team first made a pitcher
Kakor (11-10, self-sharing) in the past 18 first event record 8-2, self-sharing rate 3.16, this season’s battle sailor 4 times 1-2, self Dividation rate is 4.08. He career battle sailor team 19 (18 times a first time) 9-7, the self-blade rate is 3.02.

The sailor has not yet you can’t think about anything to act, the coach Scott – Sitwias indicates that the truncation may be used to enable Level Sronise – Ilias (2-1, self-sharing 3.18) Purchase and then taken by cowshed.

The sailor team’s right wilderness Miqi-Hainnige is the backbone of victory. He only landscapped three games this season, since July 8th, it will be a day. Hainnig Ben season will be selected for the first time.

[Colorado Squad – Los Angeles Daoqi Team]

Luoji team first pitcher: Taylor Anderson

Dodge team first firing: Walker

In order to consolidate the status of the country, the Dodge team still needs a reliable first-hand pitcher. Xiu Bo Le is in the minds of the Taoist team, it is not used to describe the “new show”, Bille is a reliable first-occurrence of big competitions.

The Dodge team first sent a pitcher (7-5, self-blade ratio 2.88) fell 4 points while the Warloji team was taken on September 9, but to consider the Kurs Stadium is easier than other stadiums. In the past 9 games, it was the only drop of more than 2 points. Kak Shaw and Bille have been compared with Kok / Glanji. When the reporter asked the Dodge Team, whether Roberts he was surprised by the 24-year-old Biller, Roberts said: His performance is amazing, but we expect him to help us win the championship, just watch data , Still feel good and very unexpected.

As a rhetorical Brace, the most familiar team is Rocky. He is the first show of Warlon, and his career is 8 (4 times) 0-1, the self-blade rate is 4.45, that is, there is no victory.

Luoji team first pitched Anderson (6-9, self-sharing rate 4.82) did not be so moving, he lasts for the battle giant team, 7 games only lost 2 points, but unfortunately, Luoji team 0: 2 lost. After him last win, he has lost 6 points, 7 points, 9 points per game, and he has only lost 1 point in 3 games, but the Rociji team can’t win. Among them, a 1-point game was on August 10 in the Dodge Course, the Dodge team hit the Bay’s cowshed, and won 8: 5.

Anderson’s career is 3-4 first 3-4, and the self-sharing rate is 4.1.