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One meal, why returned to Daochi first Richi Hill native Boston

Boston recently set off a wave, some dead loyalty red socks fans are encouraged the reddock team to invite the head of the Taoist team to kick. This is not based on representing a friendly competitive spirit, but based on a magical history.

At the time of the 2004 transaction, the David Roberts (the leader of the squad) was traded by the David, and he participated in 45 games in red socks, and the hit rate. 256 is flat. In the 4th game of the 4th game of the United States Championship, the red socks were relentless with 3: 4, and when the Junji team has won the first three games, the red socks face the fate of eliminated immediately. David Roberts took the identity of the trot, and after the Tricks, the Tricks, the Terminator of Yangji team was in the case of unsuccessful three consecutive times, in Rivira, the first time, Roberts successfully stolen the second base, Subsequently, due to Muller’s hit, the home run is divided into the competition. The red socks have won the game in the extension bureau, and then win three anti-United States championships, the World Competition 4 sweeping red ramp – Ruz Mantra took a long-lost 86-year-old champion. This famous pirate event was recorded by the Red Socks Famous Hall of Fame as the highlight of the team.

Time is the best grip machine, the 2004 World Contest, the reddings won, the curse has been broken, celebrates the future party, and millions of fans celebrate the red socks. Winning. A 10 miles from the Finweis Stadium, a pair of father and son are playing to Boston, and the Boston global newspaper interviewed them. The 76-year-old old french failed to Germ Hill said to the reporter, I have waited for a lifetime. His son is a red stocking fans from a little ear, but he is a small alliance player of the Chicago Cabin team. When he participated in this celebration, his jersey did not wear.

Xiao Hill said: “I am neutral.”

Keep neutral on your clothes, and you may not be available. Nowadays, Rich-Hill, which has grown to the big alliance, first pitcher, will represent Daoqi team in the World Contest, the legendary team of the war hometown, try to stop the legend of red socks from 4 times in the 4th year of the country, and end Dodge team 30 years of championship.

This is a very special period for Rich-Hill.

Especially specially during his career, he fell from the small alliance to the big alliance and fell to the small alliance, repeated injuries. And the reddock team made Hill’s career recovery.

In 2014, when the ancient team urgently needed a pitcher, the 3A team from the red socks found Hill, Hill, which was already 13 jobs, but he faced 4 players. I didn’t solve it, so I was opened by the angel team. Subsequently, Hill had to pitch in a last freely affiliated island duck team.

In 2015, Hill returned to the Red Socks Team Small Alliance and hoped that the reddings can give the opportunity
to verify their own strength. The reddock team belongs to the bottom team, giving Hill 4 first-year opportunities, 4 times in red socks Hair 29, Hill’s record is 2-1, the self-sharing rate of 1.55, 36 times, only 5 points, the second year Auckland sports team and Hill signed a contract with Hill, one year of contract, next to Daosi The team has signed a $ 48 million contract with Hill.

Hill and Red Socks, so that they are grateful to the red socks, there is no Today, there is no red sock, and of course the Dodge team also gives Hille, no toothpass.

Hill participated in the first World Competition last season, and this season’s World Competition, he can even pitch in his hometown. He is very excited about the upcoming game.

All fans love big parade, red socks have been celebrated 3 times in the last 15 years, and many families in Boston have already shared victory. So is it a turn to Hill defeated red socks, let Los Angeles celebrate?