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One night, four big stars were hurt for injury! The champion group is affected by the hitting name: the injury is coming

On December 2, Beijing time, the past night, four NBA stars updated the injury information, and tied. The medical expert Evan Jeffries listed their specific injury and recovery time, and the NBA injury is coming. Heat, the rushing group like the sun encountered a blow, and future records may be affected.

Boke will be missed to miss multiple games

According to ESPN reporter Warnoski, sources revealed that the sun globe German-Boke is expected to be absent from many games. This is just a slight injury, but the Sun Team plans to carefully. In order to impact the championship, they still have a long way to go.

For the Warriors, Bak only played 15 minutes and 27 seconds, and the leg crisp was injured. He 9 shot, get 10 points 2 rebounds 1 assists, the lack
of Bak’s sun will overcome the warrior with 8 points, chasing the 17-game winning victory of the team. Evan Jeffries said that Bake is expected to be a primary zibin, absent 7-14 days.

Adebao’s thumb ligament torn torn, and it is expected to fight for 5-6 weeks after surgery.

Heat official announced bad news, the core player Adebao is torn in the right thumb side in the match, this weekend will be accepted, and the Nuggets will fight 35 minutes, 19 Investing 11, contributing 24 points and 13 rebounds 6 assists, and the heat was eventually lost in 9 points. Adebad is also injured in the game.

Evan Jeffries said that Ada is expected to rehabilitate 5-6 weeks. Previously, Hordon Tak was surgery, followed by a 50 weeks. The rehabilitation time reported by the US media is also around 6 weeks.

Burtone accepts lumbar surgery, is expected to be injured for 3-6 months

Nuggets officially announced that Small Michael Potter has accepted lumbar vertebrae, and he will have indefinitely lack. Bott is a 5-year $ 1.72 billion ahead of a five-year $ 1.72 billion, and the new contract begins to take effect next season. This season is trapped this season, small ports are not good, and only 9.9 points of 6.6 rebounds 1.9 assists in average.

Evan Jeffries said that small baud’s rehabilitation time depends on the severity of nerve compression, and it is expected that the rehabilitation time is 3-6 months. Previously, the name of the name was reported that small ports expected to be reimbursed. If his rest takes 6 months, it is equivalent to the season reimbursement.

Lillad’s lower abdomen tendon injury, 10 days evaluation

The criminal news of the Blazers, the nuclear magnetic resonance results showed that there was a injury in the lower abdomen tendon. Lilad will continue to recover and recovery within 10 days. He is expected to absent some games. In addition to Lilad, the Blazer’s Little is also troubled, his ankle is injured, and it is expected to reassess a week.

Evan Jeffries said that Lillad is at least 10 days, and his injury will cause difficulties in changing, running and bending. For an NBA professional player, this is obviously unable to let him continue to play.