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Original patriot four divided guards to promote the MLB rugby "Tian Chi" to the wilder

Tibo, as an athlete of the professional football to the professional baseball, since the joining the duty in 2016, the 2019 season will fight the 3A league, and even have the opportunity to board the big alliance. Bo will receive a large number of American media, and is the hot spot of American sports news. What kind of experience is to make Tibo special? What is the prospect of his baseball path?

Talented rugby genius is Tombradi substitute

On August 14, 1987, Bo Born in Makati, Philippines, is the front NFL quadruption and the field of MLB New York Metropolitan team. He has played the University of Florida and won the Hesmann in 2007. In 2010, the NFL draft was selected by the Denver wild horse, and for two seasons for it. Since then, the New York jet, 2013 and 2015 have been in the new England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagle.

In 2016, Tibo announced that he would transfer the agency MLB and launched a small alliance contract with the New York Metropolis team on September 8 of the same year. He is a small alliance team effective in 2017 and the 2018 season.

Read obstacles + university before the self-study of the self-study football angel

The resume of Tibo’s career looks flat, then what kind of special experiences do he exactly? This is also from the birth of Tibo, the father of Tibo, the mother Pami Eli is Christians. They went to the Philippines in 1985, during the fair, the mother Pami Pulling dysentery and pulled a coma once, but she found that she had already pregnant. Due to accepting the treatment of dysentery, pregnant Pamira once placental separation, the doctor believes that has been dead and recommended abortion, but this is illegal in the Philippines, even if pregnant women are serious, they cannot choose abortion. The Xibo is determined to have passed this difficult relationship, and finally Pamira successfully produced Tibo. The birth of Tibo is a miracle. At the age of 3, he moved back to the United States from the Philippines from the Philippines, settled in Florida Jacksonville.

Tibo is the smallest one in the 5 children of the whole family. He and his brother’s sister is a way to study at home (the United States is more common in education, the athletes who have received this education model https://www.maillotsenligne.cominclude Tennis Name Size Williams , The NBA Pistons of Griffin, the Lakers of the Lakers received education, and they accepted Christian beliefs during this period. Tibo has reading obstacles, but he believes that this characteristic is the gift of God. He has excellent exercise, in Jacksonville Sany Christ College, started a high school football career, close to the end of the end.

Since the Florida law allows students to study in the home to participate in the school team in the high school in the school, Tip can play a specialty in the field. Before the start of the 2003 season, Tibo conducted a controversy in the home of the school, so he transferred to the Arenis high school near St. John County, and the high school football team is weak, but there is from there. Quad quarter. Gao Sanba, Tibo, has already played a famous hall in the United States. He has a good running, passing ability and fighting spirit to have the potential of professional players. High three, high school (American junior high school, high school four years) won the most outstanding player award in Florida.

Special experience sensation, all of the beautiful, all are hot

The special experience of Tibo made him a storytelling athlete, plus rugby playing the wind, with the potential of a generation of superstars, and immediately got a wide range of US sports media. The high school era is selected as the ESPN “Sports Face” documentary, and his name “Tim-Tibo: the child”, the content is concerned about the controversy attracted by the reading education in the home of Tibo, he is The Philippines of the Philippines, his sports potential and universities athletes enrolled. Tibet also appeared in the “Sports Pictorial” page.

It can be said that the Tibo at that time has been well known in the country. When she was college, he had considered the University of Alabama, but eventually selected the University of Florida, because coach Erburn Mile’s “Brassing Offense” fits the quadrants of Tibo. In the three summer prior to the University of Florida, Tibo helped the father to pass on the Philippines.

Tibo shore in the university rugby game, so that after he graduated, NCAA has introduced a related competition regulation that is called “Prosperous Rules” by the media. During the university playing rugby, it often writes a “Bible” in the black eye during the competition. For example, in the 2009 BCS Championship, he wrote “John 3 Chapter 16” on his eye stickers. This chapter will become Google Hot Search 24 hours later. Search is up to 90 million times. Since then, he has also replaced “Proverbs 3 and 6”, its search volume reached 3.43 million. NCAA starts from the 2010 season, it is forbidden to use eye stickers. Although the media referred to as “Probing Rules”, NCAA does not recognize the emergence of this rule because of a player’s behavior. Nfl has been banned from using eye stickers before this, so that Kobo enters NFL and has no chance to continue.

On March 31, 2011, the Harper Corsse Press published a biography called “Through my eyees”, the book is written by Tibo himself and writer Najen-White Coles. Detail of his life in the Philippines and Jacksonville and his university football experience. As of March 4, 2012, the book stayed in the “New York Times” best-selling list for 24 weeks. Released as the best-selling sports books and religious books in 2011. It can be said that whether it is a sports, religious circles or education, Tiber has established its own model image early, and its influence is self-evident.

The son of the football day NFL road is not smooth to abandon olive from the rod

The famous sound established at the university football, let Tibo have become the scent of the NFL draft, Denver Musa, in order to choose Tibo, use the second, third, four-wheeled draft sign to get the first roundabout, pick him. Tibo then set the sales record of the draft player jersey, and his jersey is the Sales champion of NFL throughout the rookie season. Although the first season of NFL career has not played more opportunities, but can be the first in the history of NFL.

In the second season, the wild horse has quickly rapidly, and determines its first four-point guard for the future, but the passage of the passage of the season in the NFL pad, only 4 rounds of 50%, no Do not make the outside world to question his potential. The wild horses signed the star quarter-shift in the court, followed by the bronical transaction to the New York jet.

Tibo did not be reused in the jet. Although the fans called on the jet coach to let Tibo played first four-point guard, the tribe was encountered by rib fracture, he only threw 8 times in the jet season, the ball 32 Second, the jet then releases it. In 2013, Tibo has played two episodes in the new England Patriots, but due to excessive murder, the pass efficiency failed to meet the requirements, and was excluded from the list of regular games. In 2015, Tibo also signed a year contract with the Philadelow Eagle, and the team’s third quarter of the team. The four battles in the preseason, but did not send, it was flat, and it was released, and there was no longer appearing in the NFL.

In August 2016, Tibo announced that he was interested in fighting the battle and invited the MLB30 team to obey his public trial on August 30. “I don’t want to come back at 50 years old, I regret it.” When I talked about the reason for the fighting rod, I said. “

Tain more than ten years, pick up the ball Bo Shi show perfect talent

Tibo has been engaged in baseball, and he was selected for the best lineup, and the Los Angeles Angel said that if he continued to engage in baseball movement, he can consider it in the draft conference. However, the Bo will have not selected baseball, and the movement is stopped after 2005.

Before Tibo announced that it is interested in fighting the privacy, I have received the invitation to the Los Angeles Daoqi team to the trial. The contract options that have also received two small alliance teams, and even the team of the Baseball Power Venezuela Rod League is also intentionally recruited. However, he waited until the public trial, the 40th ball from the MLB30 detachment in the MLB30 detachment came to observe, and there were Tag Gaspario and 50 journalists.

The efforts of Tibo have harvested results. On September 8, 2016, he was 29-year-old to sign the contract with the New York Metropolitan team and successfully transferred the rod. Metropolitan to the Skotes Dale Scorpion team of the Arizona Autumn Alliance, on September 28, the same year, hit the home hit in his first play of the small alliance team. In the total of 70 shots in the team, he hits 0.194, 62 counts, and was taken from the three-vibrating bureau.

Small League Fire Power 2019 Crazy Impact Grand Alliance

In 2017, the spring training camp, the most of the time in the small parliament, only a few times in the large profit team. In the 2017 season, he began to take advantage of the Columbia Fireflies in the 1A South Atlantic League. He hit the home base in the first day of the effectiveness. During the effectiveness, he hits the hit rate to 0.222, and there are 3 strips and 23 points. On June 25, due to excellent performance, Tibo was upgraded to the top of the Holy Losei Port of 1A High-Order Florida League, once again hit the entire battle, and there were 12 consecutive games. Tin Bo’s best performance in the 1A League, let the “New York Post” columnist Mike Waacaro believes that its natural strength has the strength of the battle.

The franchise of Tibo made the survival of the visitors of the Hong Kong team. At the end of the season, the hit rate of Tibo is fixed at 0.231, and there are 5 projectors, and 216 counts were 57 times. At the end of the season, Tibo expressed the willingness to continue to fight the 2018 season.

On January 19, 2018, the New York Metropolitan team announced that they will invite Xibo to participate in the major alliance training camp. Although the performance of Tibo in the spring training is very integrated, hitting 18 in 1, knocked 11 times, and the Metropolitan team will continue him to the 2A League Eastern League of the Bin Hutton Rotating Trojan. Tibo still kept its own unique rhythm. At the first battle of the new team, the first play of the first battle hit the home, at the time, the home base flew over the right front wall. On June 29, the same year, Tibo was selected for the league all-star lineup. At that time, he was 0.261, and close to the 21 games of all stars, and the hits raised to 0.323. Unfortunately, this will be subjected to hook bone (bones on the wrist), reimbursement.

Although he suffered from injuries, the Metropolitan team plans to make the Tibetan 3A League in the 2019 season. Fan Vanna, General Manager of New York Metropolitan Team, said: “The performance of Tibo does not want to make a restriction on him. If he encounters difficulties, he will overcome all difficulties.” I trust him. “Wagner did not exclude Bo’s possibility of unveiling the battle lineup in the 2019 season. If the Bo will eventually kill the big alliance, he will be the first in the first NFL and MLB of the bispone star after the continuation of the German Hunsen. Henson had effectively effective in the 2002 season and the 2003 season for MLB, and in the 2004 season and the 2008 season, the Dallas Deni and the Detroit Lion Team of the Dallas Daries.

In August this year, Tiber will be 32 years old, and he has been elder in the professional sports, but he has to start from his head, and continue to struggle for the Great League. His life is full of tests, but beliefs let him go forward.