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Packaging staff new handsome was put into new seasons or let four-dimensional autonomous selection tactics

In the past 11 years, Alon Rogers have been playing the ball in the front Green Bay packaging worker. Rogers have always been one of the best quarters of the league, and it can even be said, because his existence has greatly improved the team attack. Therefore, he can freely decide a lot of things, such as determining which player’s place of power in a one-end attack.

And the new coach of the packaging worker Matt Ravler comes from a team who will not give too much free, before Tennesi Titan is an offensive group coach. In our cognition, players seem to be listening to the coach, how can Rogers and Ravler coexist? I have received an interview, and Ravler gave us an answer. He said that he is currently studying with Rogers, he is willing to change the principle for Rogers, as for how to play two people on the field.

“Alon is very smooth, we have to discuss more together. Now we have to solve it.” Ravler said: “Our current system is me ten years ago. In Houston, he learned when he was in contact with Kyle, Salunam, but we never said that you can freely change people around the field, because this is not a traditional means. But everything is absolute , I mean, he is Alon Rogers! He has the right to decide these things, I think this should be reasonable. So now, we are discussing how to coordinate (the power distribution of four-point guard and coaches), Let him play the greatest skill. “

For this matter, Rogers also did not evade, saying that the two were still discussing the operation mode of the attack: “We are still discussing. I have faced over-sized defense in the past 11 years, so my experience will help, just There are few people with such power (free people). This is not what I am blowing or boast, but the fact. You look at the alliance, there is not much person to identify the opponent’s defensive defenders. Of course, Tom – Breddy also said, Pedon Manning can also do it, as for Patrick-Mahomus, I believe that he will become such a player in the future. Some people in us have been doing this. Talent also has a relationship, some things are born. I think this will only add flowers on the brown, right, just add flowers on the attack, more perfect. “

After the package is over the season, the package quickly finalized Matt Ravler as the main coach. In fact, there is no more people who have worked at work, and there is no difficult to achieve a hard break. In the past few seasons, the Titan team was full of mulberry, and the ranked number of NFL in 2018 was ranked third. 15.1 points in 2018). Public complaint. But although the 39-year-old Ravler is overficial, the emotional business is really a high-level, saying that Mario Tag is what the team needs, you don’t question me, how can I make changes? We have improved together.

Lavler has achieved limited help to the package, or even a few weeks ago, because of the basketball inadvertently leads to bullion tear. Obviously he was restricted by the first season of the new team, even his favorite hand demonstration, hand-handed handle, now Ravler can only use small battery cars as a training summary tool guidance player.

Come to the packaging surface test, some say that Lavler can stand out from more than a dozen competition, because of his emotions and eloquence. As for the differences caused by Rogers’s personality, Lavler believes that this is not called, and even faces the discussion of the media. It is believed that Rogers listened to Ravler to say a certain heart, and we can communicate well for each other. I am proud, telling the truth, the tactics of the coach is not always right, we usually prepare two tactics, according to one of the defensive groups. Of course, our quadrant also has decisions, but this is not absolute, We will choose the best tactics in the game. “Ravler said.

Lavler has a good answer to the future package, the coach will prepare two offensive programs, and Rogers can also perform or execute through their own reading. There is no doubt that the offensive system of Salunhan is flexible to the four-point guard, just like Lavler said, Rogers have other quarters that are not available. How to release Rogers based on the original offensive system is the key to the problem. If they do, the package will undoubtedly become one of the most dangerous teams of the league, but if they can’t, Lavler is not so stable.

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