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Philadelphia broke shaking irreparably media exposure Wentz was questioned a number of anonymous teammate

Although Nick – Falls in the past two seasons led the Hawks really successful, but the Philadelphia Eagles or the future of the quarterback position promised to give Carson – Wentz, such an approach may cause some people unhappy. On Monday, the “Philadelphia sound” story suddenly former league MVP candidate portrayed as a selfish, self-willed guy, and then respond Hawks.

According to “Philadelphia sound” Edit Cerf – 桑托鲁普托 article reported that several anonymous Hawks criticized Wentz and his personality: “It is reported that Wentz worked very hard, strong-willed, very smart but in fact, Wentz relationship in the locker room is very subtle, some said he selfish, uncompromising, based thinking, like favoritism, do not like to be questioned, always preaching not to take responsibility, after losing the first divide the pot. “

According to reports, as well as an anonymous player Wentz put it this way: “Carson – Wentz is his own worst enemy, the second place is always bullied offensive team coach Mike – Gros, do not like to play Falls tactics, like some complex tactics, it is always a favorite target special care Oetz. really, he was patting ass in this life are growing up, and sometimes it feels like to win Super Bowl 10, as can the fact that he has not played in the postseason. people around him are thinking about how to please him, he spoiled his distracted last time on the pitch than he playing time. “

This terrible Mengliao one, the Philadelphia Eagles and the people raged, including Oetz, backup quarterback Nate – Sad Rumsfeld, all-star defensive tackle Fletcher – Cox, all-star strikers Ryan – Johnson, Jason – Kelsey and Brandon – Brooks, including several players have to defend Wentz in personal social media. Several players are considered “not credible rumors of the outside world, we trust Wentz hundred percent.” Oetz in their push to close-up: “Wentz came to the team from the first day, I know that he is a very stick people, a great teammate, a great leader. “

Fletcher – Cox said: “I have carefully read the essay Wentz wrote the article, he said Wentz as the team leader was not a good team unity, it is not true I am totally trust him. he is a great player, is our one, he will return to court to prove essay broken article is wrong if you have any questions, feel free to @ me, I will answer for you, “Ryan – Johnson He said: “Wentz has always been our leader, I do not know what the motive of this article is, the so-called sources and from whom he is our quarterback, if you have any questions, you know how to find me. “

ESPN’s reporter had tried to contact a senior official of the Eagles, but the latter refused to answer any questions. “You can see his teammates evaluation Wentz, in his dressing room and golf course are great leader, he is a good man, good character, those are rumors.” The official said. Nevertheless, 桑托鲁普托 also he wrote that Wentz tend to attack “complicated”, he does not like to repeat last season’s philosophy and tactics, because that is something left behind Falls. According to reports, the former offensive coordinator Frank – Gingrich and former quarterbacks coach John – Diffie Lipo can put the situation Wentz, but now Mike – Gro not.

An anonymous player said Wentz need a little more humility: “Okay back to his original look, he needs to understand one thing, not the world around him, which is the reason the team is playing very well why. Falls a play we went into the playoffs? there are Daodao Er’s. humble and low-key allows you to go further, he needs to realize that there is not the Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Wentz team. “

Several sports reporter in Philadelphia and celebrities questioned the article: “I have a lot of players and the Eagles have talked in private, no one ever say something like that, Wentz is a bad argument against him is very unfair.” “I follow the team all year in the report, had never heard similar complaints, Wentz me here is the most real.”

No matter who called several “anonymous players” Yes, no matter how they evaluate Wentz, no doubt, under the leadership Falls Eagles perform better. Wentz was in 2017 played over the season MVP-level season, but has not returned to previous levels after the return from injury. For Wentz, who need to find a way to get back the state that year, this offseason, perhaps especially tough.

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