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Pirates general manager: signing Antonio Brown – there is no risk

Possible mid-season signings this offseason signings than to attract more attention.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio and – Brown (Antonio Brown) 1-year contract, allowing him to return in 14 months away from the pitch, but also let quarterback – Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and their favorite players side by side operations.

Brown ushered in the first show back on the occasion, general manager of the Pirates talked about his ideas for Brown.

“He’s very explosive, action suddenly looks a lot stronger than that,” Jason – Laihe Te (Jason Licht) representation. “If you see him in the grocery store, you would not think he was a seven-time Pro Bowl player too, but he is very strong, has great ball skills, super explosive.”

So, yes, pirates behave like what they see. Lai Hete represents pirate attack group and the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive group are very similar, Brown pirates will get a lot of opportunities.

For off Brown’s problem, Lai Hete represents Brown signed a one-year $ 1.0 million contract is no guarantee of income so that they can not integrate into the team at Brown again or withdraw the case off problems.

“This is our chance to give him, another chance, but this is a one-year contract, if not acting, so there is no risk,” Lai Hete said. “There is no risk.” On the first press conference after the signing of Brown, coach Bruce – Arians said that if Brown will stir up any trouble leaving the team.

Now pirate attack group of talented people, especially the outside to take over the position. Mike – Brown and Evans combined give any team a huge trouble.