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  • Play high! The crow is four-point guard, I don’t know the team to change the attack group coach.

Play high! The crow is four-point guard, I don’t know the team to change the attack group coach.

Send away Joe-Vlaco, Ramar Jackson will become the core quartzwood in the crow. Earlier, the crow used the original nearest end coach Greg Roman to Marti Mosi-Mosi, served as a new offensive group coach, so Bal’s Moves will not feel the team’s new offensive style. Surprised, but it was obvious that Jackson would not. Before the training camp, no one told him that the team would replace the new offensive mode, in other words, he didn’t know anything about the new offensive group.

When Jackson appeared in the court last week, this crow quarter-free is completely unknown to use the new offensive mode. “I just came here, I didn’t know that we would have a completely different offense mode.” Jackson admitted this when accepting NFL official website: “They told me that we will have new offensive models, you have to learn this You have to try it, this makes me a bit can’t stand. “

In the 2018 season, the crow team’s field offensive code number NFL ninth, but after the playoffs, 17-23 lost to Los Angeles lightning, the team decided to give up the original offensive group coach Mosiweg. So the crow is pulled with Roman, and the latter decided to change the crow offensive mode. Jackson had to learn to throw the ball in the training camp, which sounds not a good start.

“On the first day, my performance is a bit spicy eyes. The next day, I have become better. Today, everything is very good. I know that I can better.” Jackson said: “This day’s training, I am also adapted. “Although Jackson’s self-evaluation is very inferior, the head coach John Hubble did not think so, after reading his first quarter-shifting three-day training, Hubble’s impression of the disciple is deep, especially It is equivalent to the beginning of the head. Jackson’s comprehension is very strong: “We have reshaped the offensive mode, from the rhythm, gathering to the tactical slogan, this is a process, but my performance is basically satisfied with the player, Jackson looks good.”

For Jackson, he should celebrate his attack coach is Roman, the latter led Colin – Cape Nik in 2012, 49 people in San Francisco into the super bowl, and he is the team’s offensive group coach. Jackson’s style is similar, Roman said: “Since Ramar is four-point guard, the offensive tactics will be tailored to Ramar.” Cape Nik and Roman partner won 25 wins and 14 losses, it looks The crow will also imitate the current 49 people in 2019.

Ramar Jackson has not fully understood the essence of new attack tactics, but the good news is that he knows is not too late, and there are still many times to learn. Roman said earlier, in order to match Jackson’s technology, the crow may join more conversion option tactics.