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Qingdao "Coca-Cola, Mayor Cup" campus football style is three small: good children can play in the school team

The third experimental primary school in Lushan District, Qingdao, adhere to the Liverpool Jersey “five education” and implemented the fundamental tasks of the Lidshu people, with “YUE” every day “as the core concept, cultivating the new people in the era of active, healthy development, comprehensive construction”YUE” cultural system. The school actively responded to the national development of campus football to enhance students’ physical fitness, cultivate the spirit of adults in adolescents, and unite the spirit of sports, and actively strive for football characteristics., Continuously establish and improve our football development mechanism, popularize football knowledge and skills, and form a good campus football culture, thereby promoting the comprehensive development of students.

The school incorporates campus football into the school development planning and annual work plan, and strictly enforced. And continuously improve the implementation of campus football work organization, teaching management, breadage training, and sports safety prevention, teacher training, inspection supervision and other aspects of rules and regulations. The school has a sports field area of ??4,500m2, one of the artificial lawn football field, more than 100 football, and some football matching equipment, these equipment provide facilities for football learning and training for schools. Site facilities, equipment is equipped with national standards, and constantly complement each year according to development needs. In November 2017, the school was put into special funds to install the stadium in the football field, providing a convenience of the school team in the afternoon training, ensuring the training time and training quality in winter.

Campus football funds are sufficient. The school has set up special funds for campus football, incorporating the annual funding budget of the school, ensuring the normal development of sports and campus football work, and increases funding on football year by year. Since last year, under the proposal of the principal, give the training-trained school team members to participate in the training, with fruit, milk and delicious dessert, guarantee the nutritional needs of the team’s physical development, and make the players more love football, more Love school. The school also purchases accidental injury insurance for students who participate in campus football training and purchase sports injury insurance for athletes participating in the competition. Proven daily training and participation in the safety of all kinds of football competition at all levels.

The third experimental elementary school in Lushan District believes that football development cannot only pay only attention to the school team every afternoon training. It is necessary to solve the problem of low football levels, so that the overall football level of the whole school will be improved, so that the school team can choose a team member More. Therefore, the school leadership team decided to open the football courses based on football textbooks and schools, and improve the teaching quality, through the implementation of school-based curriculum, exercise the students’ body, and promote physical development, establishing A long big sign. Effectively cultivate team spirit, psychological quality and character have been improved. A batch of batch of football sun teenagers will grow up. According to the guiding ideology and quality education of “Health First”, the school sports class is open, the physical education class teaching and extracurricular sports activities are carried out, and the second classroom teaching is actively promoted. The school has strengthened the research of football Chelsea Jersey teaching. In the case of football teaching into the usual teaching, the students’ physical education class is based on the class, and each class has a football class every week, and the student is interested in playing football. According to the students’ master, the technique of tactics, the teachon is transferred to the teachon. According to the overall requirements of the school, the sports teachers formulate the sports work plan, and strictly guide and strictly standardize the teaching of the operation according to the requirements of the requirements.

The school attaches great importance to the construction of football, extending football to classroom teaching, and actively carry out group activities. The school established a school-level football team, and improved the construction of Football Shirts Wholesale the echelon, absorbed students to participate in football activities, and the school football team training 5 days per week, and taking friendship with other brothers schools on Saturdays, this can be more Good way to improve the players of the players. The school has opened football happiness courses every Thursday afternoon, so that students who like football can get more of the football more. Scientifically organize football training. The school has developed a scientific training program, and the training is carried out, paying attention to improving training benefits, and is equipped with safe, medical and other emergency programs.

The school football team actively participated in the school, the district, the municipal football competition, and obtained the fourth, male B3, the third, female f, the third, female f, the third, female Lionel messi Jersey f, the third, female f, the third, female f, the third, female f, the third, female f, the third, female f, in the “District Length Cup” football match; The Women’s Group B obtained the 7th good results in the “Coca-Cola · Mayor Cup” football match in 2018, 2018 “District Length Cup” football game acquired the second, male B Third, the fourth of the fourth place; in 2019, he hosted the competition of the Group B group of Campus Football Characteristics of the Lushan District, and obtained the “District Leading Cup” male and army; acquired a male A champion, male-Parten-army; 2020, the “Coca-Cola, Mayor Cup” football game acquired the men’s group championship, 2020, “District Length Cup” Football Men’s Group Chauco, Men’s Artjun; 2021 31st Qingdao “Coca-Cola, Mayor Cup” football game acquired the fifth place of the men’s Group 5.

The school Soccer Jersey Discount activities are inseparable from the support and cooperation of parents. The advancement and development of campus football needs parents and schools. The school leadership team must learn to be with football, and if they do not learn to play, every team member of the school team is a good child. After the parents saw, not only did not oppose the child playing, now in various players in the school, parents will come to help, and help the coaches manage the discipline of the substitute, let the coaches can focus on the competition, to school football Develop a good role in promoting it.

The school actively creates a football atmosphere. In the school music building, from the first floor to the fourth floor, including each staircase, painting the knowledge and painting of football, from football development to football star, from football technology to The football match rules contain all the cultures contained in football. Students study in such an environment every day, they will be with football every day, they will gradually fall in love with football, love this popular global movement.

Through the public account, the school website, social media and other means, the school will conduct a large number of publicity of campus football, and the special campus games will be promoted, especially the extensive schools. The public account, which is always reproduced every football event that occurs in the school.

Yue Nagu, the movement is appropriate. The campus football culture of the third experimental primary school in Lushan District has been comprehensively integrated into the school education and teaching work, jumps to football, and grows happily!