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  • Qingdao "Coca-Cola, Mayor Cup" campus football style Xihan Kindergarten: Chuang Sunshine Happiness Campus, Exhibition Football Characteristics

Qingdao "Coca-Cola, Mayor Cup" campus football style Xihan Kindergarten: Chuang Sunshine Happiness Campus, Exhibition Football Characteristics

In recent years, Western Korean Kindergarten, Lushan District, Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey Qingdao, adheres to the “healthy and lively, optimistic self-confidence, smart friendly, curious exploration”, has made successful exploration in building football character, successfully acquiring the country in 2019. Football special kindergarten.

First, create a football special kindergarten

Western Korean Kindergarten has a child outdoor football field, football, indicia and goal, can accommodate more than 30 children. In order to make each child can fully contact football, the kindergarten football work group specially opens up a stormy playground in the first floor of the teaching building according to the actual situation of the children and the amount of child sports activities, the weather characteristics and special weather, Kits Football Kits etc. Set different course forms and work schedules to ensure that each child can have an opportunity to participate in outdoor football feature game activities or in the event of a storm.

The whole park class is maintained to maintain the activity equipment, and the damaged equipment will be submitted to the leadership group, and the leadership team will purchase the equipment required for football game activities in a week, and constantly enhance the charm of the football characteristics of our park.

Second, happy teaching and research

1. Select the outstanding health field of the “Outstanding Wellness of the Wood”, to the sports games, better, better, more mature kindergartens, and internalize others to internalize, and external to the actual football Sports game activities are carried out.

2. Highly attach great importance to the routine teaching and research in the park, regularly organize the teacher to carry out football training and teaching and research activities. Teachers will make their own opinions, and propose recommendations to Rapida, in the continuous training of learning and teaching and research practices, constantly mastering and improving the knowledge and basic skills of football, and laying the foundation for the development of football activities. Experience.

Third, play happy football

Football is playing, Western Korean Kindergarten pays attention to cultivating young children’s football spirit, establishing the correct football value to enhance the pleasure of young children. Western Korean Kindergarten has developed a football game with characteristics such as resistance, challenging, pleasure, collaborative, not limited to football games in teaching activities, as well as roads, desktop games, outdoor games, etc.

Play: Let young children fall in love with football in the game. Through the game traffic light, listening to the signal, go forward, pull the radish, rabbit to find a widow, etc., in love with football, enhance rule awareness, learning skills.

Tour: Let young children have a football in the competition. Integrate football skills into the game and set a suitable game situation. The game can be done in two or two games. Timed a football match. Teachers have jointly developed the content of the game, the number of competitions and rules. In the game, you can let the young children choose the role of the like. Passionally flying competition, full of confidence, in cooperation, further feeling the charm of football in confrontation.

Promote: Let young children are close to football in sports. When the child just started to contact football, the teacher should Cheap Soccer Jersey give the children to make the child freely explore, not too many interventions, teachers should reserve a rich football guidance strategy, grasp the opportunity.

Creative: Let young children enjoy football in action. The division has a football, and the parent-child innovation football game, and the children will enjoy football.

Fourth, condense family strength

Western Korean Kindergarten adheres to the development of a diversified football, regularly holds a football carnival parent-child sports meeting, which not only lets children bring football to football, but also let the children like football in the process of playing football, understanding football. In December 2019, the Western Korean Mbappé Jersey Kindergarten represented the first young children’s football carnival activities in Qingdao, and won the “Baby Dad forward” parent-child project champion. .

During the epidemic, the principle of “suspension, suspension of suspension, suspension,”, and the teachers of Xihan Kindergarten opened “Air Football Class” through WeChat public account, push football game, physical game and other articles, small video Guide parents and children’s home sports, carry out rich home body training and football games.