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Red skin main running Wealth Glass knee injury is missing 6-8 weeks Legend

September 13 (Wen / ESPN reporter John Keim compiled / big white) Career first battle stabbed the front cross ligament GuICE hopes to say goodbye to the injury. Time came to 2019 reveals the scene, and the Gais hurt in the game of the Red Leather 27-32 to the Philadelphia eagle. It is reported that the injuries of the Sais are tearing for half a month, and will receive surgery, which is expected to absent 6-8 weeks.

Gez’s injury gave the legendary Run Deterson, this old will be a battle in the first week, and it is expected to be a main run to the Savage. Original red skin believes that the injury of Glass is not very serious, and it can be played for a few weeks, but in recent days, the Knee’s knees are getting more and more painful, and finally they have to receive surgery.

Grunette said that if the Gates stopped, then Peterson will serve as the first game for the Dallas Cowboy. Peterson said that his career has experienced a roller coaster: “I have reached the peak, now I am at the lowest tide.” The first week of Groad did not use Peterson’s meaning, let this legendary running guard Very depressed: “I am a very professional runner, although very depressed, I have experienced something worse than the first week.”

“This Sunday will be very difficult, but now my motley is completely different.” For the death of him, he died in the replacement, Peterson didn’t want to reveal whether he was angry because of this: “I I don’t want to continue to talk about this problem, because today is Thursday. There is a hard battle with Dallas, Sunday. It is time to continue. For me, some things have passed. “

Last season, I have an array of cowgirls, Peterson has appeared in two games, a 24-year-old mushroom to advance 99 yards, win. Another 12-time shock only advanced 35 yards, lost. The basic salary of Peterson This season is $ 1030,000, but he also has a $ 1.5 million performance bonus. If the rush reaches $ 1000, rewards $ 500,000; Hongki is in the playoffs, rewards $ 500,000; complete 10 roller reaches, rewarding $ 250,000; if you have completed 10 reaches and beyond it In the playoffs, rewarding $ 250,000.

After the injury, Peterson sent it in the first time, telling him to concentrate on recovering. Grunette gave affirmation to Gees’s cure: “I am not worried about his recovery ability. The Glass is talking about the injury of Gees. He is too strong, know that last year’s knee torn ratio More serious. According to I know, this is just a small surgery, he will come back soon. “

Plus the preseason, Gain made a 3 game for the red skin, two of which were seriously injured. University Effective Effective Louisiana State University, Gates’s right knee has also been seriously injured. Unveiled the battle against the eagle, the 10 shots of the Swan were only promoted by 18 yards.

The team has been in the pavement. In addition, the team will be unveiled in the snow Hide, which makes many fans who are intimate. This is the first time in the 13-year-old career in healthy situation. Sitting on the bench Whole. We must know that Peterson last season has completed a thousand code season, cutting 1042 yards for Hongyou 16 games to get 7 times, Peterson Career Washpon Total Code (13318) No. 8 in NFL History 106 times a fifth place.

Groad’s approach not only causes controversies, but also makes Peterson very emotionally. It is based on Torr. It is based on tactics: “If we use 55 shots in a game, I must use him.” However, after the week, Gez was hurt, Grunette praised Peterson: “I believe he is ready, he is a professional bowl player, he is Adrian Peterson.”