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Rogers clarify the rumors of my toes just a simple fracture

Aaron – Rogers toes in the end how? After activating the new crown list, Rogers was said his toe into “new crown toe” (crown a new complication, the appearance is similar to frostbite). Rogers himself is exposed toes off his shoes to clarify the rumors in the press conference, he said he was just broken toe.

Start of the month, Rogers spoke of a “new crown toe” on television, then months he would give his toe fracture. Since the middle of Rogers infected with a new crown, which can not help but get people to link these two things together. But Rogers himself said his toe is a simple fracture, and is in preparation for the Seahawks game, at home, neighborhood, and he hopes to be able to apologize to the newspaper broke the matter.

Sunday Night Race Packers 31-34 loss to the Vikings, Rogers toe problems affected his play, he was in before the end of the second returned to the locker room, the quarterback position left Jordan – Love he and the doctor needs a little longer than the intermission time to treatment. The immediate effect of the treatment, Rogers played well in the second half, threw three touchdowns, passing only once failed – or deliberately throw crooked.

The impact on the toes of Rogers is still there, and therefore he will not participate in full training, but Packers coach Matt – La Fule and Rogers have said he did will not miss any game this season, surgery may be done large probability will be in next week’s bye week.

It is reported that, during the new crown isolation, Rogers routine of physical training injuries, he did not know already to the point of fracture. Speaking surgery, Rogers said he was glad, Green Bay had a great foot medical experts.

“That game and the Seahawks on Saturday, after X-rays I did not know he fractures, and I started to just feel pain,” Rogers said. He also said, “I would definitely consider injured in the bye week, so if I can not guarantee the absence of competition.”