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Super Bowl Star Close: Takeda to cut melon, cutting, relaxed "road nuclear" Galley

The reason why the Los Angeles rave is called “Cosmic Sheep” by the fans, not because of the impressive records of the prestige of the prestige, but when they set up a formation in the court, the title of “Cosmic Sheep” It will not be taken away. This is the same as the Royal Madrid team of La Liga. The effect of “Galaxy” is the same. The luxury of “superstar is piled up” is itself a heart to make a heart. Of course, NFL is unable to achieve the “N giant” mode. But when some talented players have come to the ravese, more and more people began to optimize this team. They have the best defensive rookie Marcus Peters in 2015. There are 2014 best defensive Xiu Alon – Donald, and even the best defensive new showen Dadm hole in 2010 – Su, can say the ravess Not lacking is talent. And in the offensive group, they also have a best offensive show. This player entered NFL as Peters in 2015. With the performance of people, only three years of best offensive rookie jumped as the best attack on the year. Player. He is an indispensable ring in the offense of the male, ! Who is he? Let’s meet with the “road ultimate weapon” of the ravese – Todd Galley!

Squirate brand “Sanxin Star”

Todd Gherley was born in Baltimore, but his high school career was in North Carolina. During the high school, he studied Tower Bolo High School in Tower, the state, and he was a rugby, basketball and track and field tripartist! On the football stadium, he also worked as a position between Guard and defenders. In 2010, he as a 1472 yard, 26 times; as a defensive defender contributed 79 times, 1 copy and once forced the ball. Compared to the diligence in the defensive performance, his high efficiency score ability at the offensive end is more attractive. So in the last year of his high school career, he took 2600 yards and 38 times a year, and became the best player of the Northern Carolina Associated Press. In the competition of the most important state championship, he rushed 242 yards + 4-time terrorist performance helped the team to overcome the State champion in Lincoln High School. Such a performance makes many universities also spend olive branches for him.

The level of Galley is not general in track and field, and he is a world-class player of the hurdle and sprint project. In the 2011 World Youth Track and Field Championship, he represents the US team at the 110-meter competition. I believe that many domestic fans are very familiar with this project. Liu Xiang has been able to run in 13 seconds, and Garli is a high school student in the world, what is his performance? ? In the preliminaries, he ran out your personal career is 13 seconds 66! This grade ranks first! If it is not a semi-final, only the 15th is only available, maybe we first know that Galley is not through the way of rugby. In the 100-meter short run, Although Galley is not the United States, it is also a top level. In the state track and field competition, he ran out of personal achievements 10 seconds 70, and obtained the second place.

After high school, the four sports media for Galley’s evaluation is four-star players, and Rivals official website will listed him as the fifth place in all high school students. Many colleges have a unique closure of his love, but his heart already dedicated – in the University of Georgia 11 years of four-year-old Marshal Mark Rickte.

The “road killing god” in the first

Like many big new students, Galley will not let Mark Rickte will lead him as a first game. At that time, the team’s first running guard was the second grade player Ken – Malcolm, but Galley only took a game from this later boyman to take the first position. In the unveiled battle of the University of Faro, Grri replaced only 8 rushes and promoted 100 yards to get 2 times, and also perform a 100 yard of the ball in front of the audience. Deta, the explosion! This makes Ricktet interrupted, so Gerley debuted in the second game of the Eastern Missouri University, although only 10 shots advanced 65 yards, but the first grade hair kid began gradually being subjected to the coach group. The favor.

In 2012, Zengli has issued 12 games in the 14 games in the participation, and his 222 sho pushed 1385 yards and contributed 17 shocks to the ball. He became a big new student in the history of Georga’s team in the history of Georgia, the second sho of more than 1000 yards in the history of Georgia; and such performance also made him the most important year of the Southeast Union of the United States. The best array is a burst. The team also advised the League Championship with the impressive record of 11-1. In the harness of the University of Alabama, Galley did not retreat, and the two shots reached the Nick Sarban. The 10th code of the fourth quarter has gave the team to make the team leaded to 28-25; if it was not Amali-Cooper in the last 3 minutes, the god troops were completed 44 yards to catch up with the game, Gol The great season will be more perfect.

In 2013, Galley officially served as the team’s first running guard, but their performance is not as bright as last year, 8-5 records let their particles do not receive, and Galley is subject to opponents, data is also Slightly shrink, 165 shock push into 989 yards, 10 sholes to reach. However, at the end of the ball, he made people see some progress, only promoted the performance of 117 yards compared to the 16th game last season, this season Galley has been promoted to the 441 yard to get 6 times. These include a long distance of a 73 yard. In this year, he also represented the school team attended the track and field elbrews. In the 60-meter hurdles, he ran out the results of 8 seconds 12, which made him ranked 7th in the school history list; so you look now The action of Galley performs a variety of movements in the field across the opponent’s defender may not be his spiritual light, just for so many sports habits.

In 2014, Galley was smooth in the top 5 games until October 9th, he was suspected of being suspected of being unlimited by Georgia University, after absent 4 games, after absent 4 games, he was against the Auben The college is coming out of the game, but the former cross ligaments have made him have to end this last season of only 6 games. However, what is the data of this 6 games? 123 rushes to advance 911 yards to win 9 times a squad! This is almost the same as his performance last season, which also makes his election rankings high, and he also decided to skip the big four seasons and challenge NFL directly!

Perfect “Rookie Running Guard”

In 2015, Galley was selected by the masonry by the masonry in the first round of the year. It is to know that the ravese is also a huge pressure to choose Galley. First, Grre is still affected by some injuries, and it is possible to recover how many unknown numbers; second two years, even Excellent running guards are all selected in the second round, “no one will be stupid in the first round of choice,”, this argument is the mainstream at the time. And Gol took his performance to prove the eyes of the ravery uniforms, and became a changing the theory of draft, because in 2016, the first selected running guard never jumped out of the top five.

The team taking into account Galley’s injuries, until the third week of the battle of the steel team, let him debut, after the 6-time mushroom pushed the 9-yard small tapping knife, Galley was in the next game. Welcome to the outbreak. In the face of the premiere of the top three consecutive winnings, only 2 yards in the first half of Galley were still slow; but in the second half, he turned to open the “killing god” mode mad 144 yards, led the team 24-22红. Golley is also a general, unpacking; after the continuous three-wheeled competition of the packaging team, Brunt and 49 people, and the first four games Out of the 566-yard performance also made him a run from the NFL superb bowl era of his career.

In the subsequent competition, Galley has been restricted, only one breakthrough is 100 yards. However, the 129-year-old mournefaction of the 13th year was promoted by 1106 yards, and the performance of 10 times of reachable arverse still reminded him. He became the second-shot code in the history of the ravebreak of the ram in the history of the ram in the history of the ram. He also selected a professional bowl with a rookie player without controversial. It is worth mentioning that almost everyone is identified in the draft, the best offense, the new show will be from the championships, the Eyemus, Winston and the Lattell Show, Marcus – Mario Taga, facing two The double pinch of Hayisman award winner, Grrey broke out, with 27 votes to 17 votes, the Senson won the best offensive rookie awards for the year, perfectly snatched all the lenses. And just asked him to airborne the 22nd place in the 100th star list, there is no two in the wind.

The ultimate enhanced “heavy nuclear”

The number of “2” may not be a lucky number of Galley. He has encountered Waterloo in the second season, moved back to Los Angeles, ushered in the championships, and they did not let the male team groomed. Their attack is even worse. . And Tod-Galley also struggled with the offensive group, but he did not have any game in the whole season, and the 3rd week of the 85-yard squad of the pirate team 2 times is his entire season. Best performance. At the end of the season, he only took 885 yards 6 times to more than 885 yards, and the scorpion code was only a poor 3.2 yard. Such data is destined to let him not receive this year, just like team 4-12’s bleak record. The team management finally couldn’t sit. Fried the coach of the 6-year coach in the 14th week, the team’s bad offense also made them firmly determined, to find a new owner who is good at attack. To lead the team. So, a “savior” who saved the ram!

“Nice Thailand” This thing is really the rule of the four seas, but a one-season attack one is not the first team of the first season, and it has become a team, which has become the first team of the Joint League of the Alliance. It is not simple to use this idiom to interpret it. However, Sean McDe, this only 32-year-old coach has such a magic. Galley actually reborn in his hand, from a previous year, only the head of the people in the pile of people, became the ultra-first-class power running guards of the Alliance. In fact, there is a total alliance, the strength of the power is sufficient, and there is a powerful running guard, why Galley can stand out, it is very simple, seeing a group of data comparison can be known. In the 2015 new show, Galley’s number of balls was only promoted by 188 yards. In 2016, this data became 43 battles to advance 327 yards; and he actually reached a two seasons on the ball. Nothing gain, this is incorrect with the capacity of running guards in the fashion of the alliance. However, in 2017, the number of Grrley took up to 64 times, promoted 788 yards to get 6 times, and the number of balls doubled more than the previous year! In terms of road propulsion, he scored 279 times, only once more than one year, but the number of mucker codes increased from 885 yards to 1305 yards, and the number of rushing reached increased from 6 times to 13 times! Mike Wei’s ability to live in Galley, so that his pavement offense has got more space, in turn, the excellent performance of pavement offensive and creates more opportunities for his party’s pass attack, two Complete each other.

In the 15 games played in 2017, Galley had a total of more than 100 yards, and at least one at 10 games were at least 10 games. In the 16th week of the competition of the Tetano team, he held the 118 yards, 10 shots, pushed 158 yards; while completing the double hundred codes, there is still 2 bolts. Under his strong support, Jarry Gaofu led the passenger attack and unfortunately, the team is even more united to the union of the league. Although the first round of the Falcon stopped in the playoffs, the team almost swept the year-end award ceremony, Mac Wei received the best coaches in the year, Donald received the best defensive players in the year, and Todd Galley, this one The third-grade kid who was a neresses in the year ago, eventually relying on the total proposal number of 2093 yards, the total number of people in the total number of people has achieved the best offensive player! Since then, there are more top running guards in the league. If Levian-Bell is a “seven whip”, Elliot is a “town soul sword”, then Galli has no Question is a heavy “open ax”!

The peak falls “Dali Machine”

The performance of the peak allows the team to firmly retain Garry’s determination, and the gambling focuses on the countertop, how can I be less Galley? So the team’s 4 years of 60 million big contracts, including $ 45 million, which made Galley have the highest race in the total alliance. Golley did not lying on the big contract, he also understood the team in the stage of crazy sprinting the super bowl, so Ge ??Helley’s performance is the epic level in the first half of 2018!

Although the number of squash codes can’t talk about unique colleagues, Galley has a high efficiency. Top 10 games in the opening season, the Grrey scene has reached the game, including 3 games to get 3 times; after half a pass, the number has arrived 15 times, almost catching Last year, the number of times the year, and if he is developing according to this trend, he may challenge Tom Linsen’s “miracle” in 2006. Mike’s use of Galley simply arrived in the ground, facing the wildflash of the previous game pavement, Mac Wei made Garli to fully release themselves, 28 shots to advance 208 yards 2 times In the face of the wild horse, the road is unparalleled; and the turn is facing the 49 people to face, McDe only allows Galley to squat 15 times, just rushing out of 63 yards. Like 2 times. How to use Galley, some extent, represent how to adjust the offense ideas of the ravese.

However, the record of 13 consecutive gains in the season, with the peak of the Ai Emirates, the state fell sharply since then. In the competition of the bear, he ran on both ends and only pushed 58 yards. Gao Fu was 7 times to his ball, he only received 3 times; in the game with the eagle, Galley The two times did not help the team won. Worse, his knee is inflammatory after this game, leading to his lack of two games. The team new aid CJ-Anderson’s timely broke out his lack of stress, but everyone knows that Galli is not only a strong running guard. Anderson can help the team to win the red brightening, 49 people, but arrive in the playoffs? Galley’s state is fascinated, so that everyone is worried about the prollet’s playoffs. However, Galley only dispels people’s concerns with one game. He and Anderson double swords, the seven-zero of the defensive group of the denim team. The two double double bors are more than 100 yards, including Galley to promote 115 yards, including 35 yards of mushroom reachable; and the number of mosquards of the company’s 273 yards make regular game pavement defense Five Denim faces facing the face. However, there are only 4 shots in the national contest, and the performance of 10 yards in the country is beginning to worry about whether his injury is completely recovered.

This season, Galley has a sloppy, and the number of balls falls slightly from the last season, but relying on 17 sho to reach the ball and 4 times, his total reach is still leading the entire alliance. The top running guards like “chopping crackers” today have the opportunity to hit the first super bowl of trophy in his life. He also knows that the team is not to “look at the future”, but “only “! Now, I have to work hard from Gherley!