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Superman Newton’s fourth quarter reappears MVP hand patriot 30-27 lifting jet

Beijing time November 10, 2020, November 10, November 10, Beijing, China War officially started. After the start of the season, the New York Jet 8 was difficult to take, and the New England Patriots have also ushered in the curtain call of the Dynasty since Tom Brradi, the first person in history, and only two victories in 7 games. In the end, the patriots reached another 51 yards, and 30-27 did not kill the jet and won the third victory in the season.

Wonderful review

After the start of the game, the jet attack on the main battle was hot, and the first attack was entered into the red area of ??the patriot. However, this red zone offense did not transform into a reach, and after 6 minutes, the jet took the first 3 points and 3-0 in the jet. Subsequently, the patriot is also in color, the first quarter of the competition, the quartz Weikam Newton himself brought the ball into the opponent zone, completed the David, 3-7.

After 6 minutes, the second quarter started 6 minutes, the jet 4 points Wei Qiao-Flak 50 code long-circled ltdunge hand Bried Herride Peliiman, got up to the Array, 10-7. 2 minutes before the end of the competition, the jet once again obtained a 50-yard commemoration opportunity, continued to expand the leading advantage, 13-7.

1 point before the end of the half, the patriot is still a free kick, 13-10. At the last moment before the end of the half, Jiemen Claude received Jiemen Claude received 20 yards of Flex, and helped the team to win down the Array, 20-10.

After the first half, the patriot ran to defend the defendant to the Bath Hide, and the short biography gotted to recover 7 points, 20-17. However, the jet four-dimensional seismic retrieved the feeling of the super bowl MVP, and then 30 seconds before the end of the competition, Flak once again found the external hand of Emistan, and won the David, 27-17.

Following the patriot to play the injection of the jet, there is no efficiency of the red area, but only choose free kick, recover 3 points, 27-20. Two minutes before the end of the game, the patriot finally hit the end of the jet. The four-point Bai Non took the ball into the target, completed the David, 27-27. 3 seconds before the end of the game, the patriot won a 51-yard commemoration opportunity, playing the ball Nick-Foc to debut, easily, killing the jet, 27-30.

Team prospect

As a hegemony of the Midwood, the patriot is called Wang Zi. Without the Dynasty, it is obvious that the MVP Camper – Newton is not a four-point guard that can be rely on, it is time to consider. The jet has been rebuilt in the road for many years. The jet fans will have no desire. The only question of this season is if they get the champion, they can choose Lawrence, after all, the latter is directly said Don’t want to go to the jet.

Player data

Patriot 4-point Sankam-Newton 35 passed 27, 274 yards. Run Damie – Harris 14th sports ball, 71 yards. External hand Jakebi – Miles 12 times, 169 yards.

The jet quartz must Joe-Flak 25 passed 18, 262 yards, 3 times to reach, 1 time being copied. Run Frank Gore 12th sports ball, 46 yards. External hand Bried Peliman 5 times, 101 yards, 2 times.