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Tanaka will be a big 6 games, no loss, Yangji 11-0 zero seal blue bird

On September 15, Beijing time, Toronto Bluebirds made a guest racket, challenged the opponent’s New York. This game Yangji dispatched one of the farphers in the field of the game, and the game continued its excellent performance before the previous game. He did not lose, led Yangji pitcher completely blocking the blue bird line; and all flowers The whole team sent 14 times, only 4 times, and finally, Yangji was easily overcome with 11-0.

Tian Zhong will complete the blue bird line

Tian Zhong will complete the blue bird line

[Data Highlight]

McCachen 3 players 1 points, Stanton 2 points, Graygius 2 points to get 2 points, Sanchez 4 counts 3

[Competition process]

In the upper half of the first game, the field will take the lead in debut. In the face of the first stick McKini 4 balls to receive the three vibration; Guriel 1st ball will attack, and the flat flies out; Grchk The entangled 8 balls received four bad balls, Trilitz hit the earth was easily received by the guerrillas, and the biochemistry was blocked, and the half ended.

In the second half of the first place, Estradad debuted, facing the first bar McCachen, a 76 mile speed change ball was hit out of the left and far-reaching earth, completed the second base, Stanton received again Four bad balls

The first bureau of Hicks will be difficult to make a blue bird, knock back the first part of the game.

The first bureau of Hicks will be difficult to make a blue bird, knock back the first part of the game.

Hicks knocked out the left outer wild flight, McAqin ran back to score, Yangji quickly attacked the score in the first game, 0-1; Andadohar Nuki small flying ball was killed, Grego Liuz also did not hit the play, but helping the three-speed Stanton ran back to the score, 0-2; Torres’s anattal let Yangji continue to score, 0-3; Sanchez then contributed to the place of play, Woit’s second base Two teammates returned, 0-5, and the grade one will open the score.

In the second bureau, the field will continue to show a good condition, send 1 three-vibrating completion three three; second bureau, Estradad once again face the first stick again, send four bad balls to keep it, but since then The state is rebounded, and the three vibrations have successfully solve the three players and stabilize the situation. In the second half of the second game, although the field was hit by Milla, but still used two three-ivifier to solve this Council, still did not lose weight.

Stanon's two-pointed second base is playing directly to kill the game

Stanon’s two-pointed second base is playing directly to kill the game

In the third bureau, the first hit of Graygius was hit by tentabed balls, Torres and Sanchez were out of the game. Woit then selected four bad balls to keep it, Gardner knocked out to send teammates back to the teammate back. 0-6; At this time, the blue bird main coach replaced the first firman Estradad, this only completed the 2.2 bureau was hit by 6 security, lost 8 points, sent 3 guarantees, very unsatisfactory performance. However, a four-pool of the lattice pitcher was paid by the four bad balls, and Stanton hit the play and returned 2 points for Yangji, 0-8.

In the upper half of the fifth game, the field will encounter a small chaotic stream, first by Diaz, and then Mei Li received the guarantee, but after a short suspension of communication, Mikini and Gurier Perfectly resolve the small crisis. The second half, the blue bird replaces the pitcher again, but it is an appearance that is lost, McCaqin has a spring gun, and the leading advantages of Yangji have come to 9 points, 0-9; but later players slow down Attack, did not continue score.

In the upper half of the sixth game, the field is facing the blue bird center, and once again sent a three-vibration, still maintained a state of 0 ignition, the past two games, a 7.0 bureau has been over 8.0, a total Only 1 point, sent 16 three vibrations.

In the second half of the seventh game, the field will be replaced in the field. The 6.0 bureau has been hit by 4 security, no loss, send 8 three-oscillated 2 guaranteed, win the qualification and high quality first. Louis Saassa’s successful debut, was launched by Travis and Milly, but it still maintains zero loss of the team, and it has passed the semi-bureau.

In the second half of the eighth game, Graygius first hit the Yangchun gun, and the score came to 0-10; then Sanchez hit the second base to beat, Woiit relied on the crowds of the crowd, although Kadner knocked out the double kill, But the yang is still a 11th point.

In the first half of the ninth game, Sausa continued to shoot, first, three vibrated Davis, and the McQier in the future generation was killed. Although Milly hit anger, this game 2 is the best in the blue bird. However, Mikini’s roll-up earth declares the game, the blue bird was zero.

[Double hair start]

Toronto Blue Birds:

1. Billy-McKini left outer wilder

2. Lolodes – Guirier guerrilla

3. Randaur – Grrike Rights

4. Laudi-Triz is a base

5. Special Oscar – Ernandes designated hits

6. Kevin-Pilar Chinese and foreign wilder

7. Alede Mis-Diaz 3rd base

8. German-Travis two base

9. Luke Miler catcher

New York Yangji team:

Andrew-McCachen right wilder

2. Jankolo Stanton designated hits

3. Alon Hicks Chinese and foreign wilder

4. Miguel – Anduhar three base

5. Didi-Gregus guerrilla

6. Grareber Torres

7. Gary – Sanchez Catcher

8. Luke – Woit

9. Brett Gadner left outer wilder

[Next prospect]

Bluebird sent a young pitcher who gave a board this year. Shawn Reedfli, this season sent 4 games 1 win 3 negative 6.86 self-blade points, the last time I lost 4.1 game lost 8 points, 6 points In the second time, it is necessary to improve the pitching state in the second time to change the situation. Yangji dispatched CC-Sabasia to shoot, 7 wins and 6 losses 3.54 self-blame rate, the last win has been on August 12th to the cavalry game, from the first four games 0 wins 2 losses, 4.87 Division rate.