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  • The Chairman of the Green Bay rumors: the coach classes the get out of class and Rogers have nothing to do with him without the right to affect the new coach.

The Chairman of the Green Bay rumors: the coach classes the get out of class and Rogers have nothing to do with him without the right to affect the new coach.

From the surface, the head coach of Green Bay packaging is one of the most attractive work of the Alliance. Here is the most advanced Lanbao Stadium, there is no boss with random disarmals, and there is a 35-year-old Rogers, he should have several collections. In fact, Rogers is a positive factor, but also a negative factor, and some coaches would rather cooperate with the rookie like Mefield, and they are reluctant to join Rogers.

Some people think that Rogers is the main reason for the former packaging workers, McChaki undergrass. It is the unhappiness that leads to the team’s record. On Monday, President Macch Macman conveys such information: McCarthy under get out of class is not related to Rogers, and Rogers also have no right to affect the next coach selection.

When talking about the four-point guard of the team, Murphy said: “It is obvious, he (Rogers) can freely provide advice and express speech, but he will not participate in this process. Another thing I want to say is, Rogers did not qualify for who would stay in the decision. “On the contrary, although Murphy will not let this old will participate in internal personnel management, he trusts the new general manager Brian – Gutunte, the latter will look for McCarthy Take the process of playing an important role. Murphy said that the temporary head of Joe-Philbin, the former offensive group coach, former Miami Dolphin, mainly, has the opportunity to get this job.

Rogers also delivered a statement today: “I think the future team will do some decisions. This is not what I should worry. Now I need to care about the remaining four games, and how we have achieved good results with the Philbin partner. Very clear I am an old man in the alliance. I have a few years left in my contract. I hope to hit 40 years old. I think everyone is very urgent to know who will be the next main coach, but Murphy Chairman, Gutunter I have been in good communication with me. I talk about this, just like they say, this location is open, no one has the opportunity, I don’t need to participate in this process. “

In the fourth week of the regular season this year, Rogers once publicized the tactics of McCarti, taking into account the complex relationship between Rogers and McCarti increasingly nervous, especially in the near future, the team lost in 17-20 lost Yalaan Tits, 4-7-1 records after the game, cut McCarthy afterwards, McCarthy is considered Rogers to win the private war between the two.

“I think this is not a real reason.” Rogers said, “I think he and me, just like we have the relationship between the team and anyone else, of course, we have also quarreled. But, Just like I have said many times before, this is based on the two sides of each other. We have achieved a lot of success, and it has established a deep friendship. “

Interestingly, McCarthy was dismissed at the night of Rogers 35th birthday. He said he wants to hit 40 years old, so the next package of successive successors need to be mentally prepared – this elite four-point guard at least Play for 5 years!

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