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The five-year 80 million US dollars lock Rodriggs tiger declares the end of the road

The first big contract of the MLB snap season, the tiger uses a five-year $ 77 million contract to lock the left pitcher Edward – Rodrigs, including 3 million incentive bonuses, Rodriggs can choose after the second year later Jump out.

This signing may only be the beginning of the tiger uniform group, although the guerrillas of the tiger and the free market have passed a lot of gossip, but they first started the first hair, the general manager of the team, Al- Avila said that the first pitcher is also the position of the team needs to be tonic.

Since Rodriguez refused the qualified quotation of red socks, he signed him, the tiger lost his third high-selection of deafness, if they signed a guerrilla hand refused to pass the qualified offer, like Carlos – Coreya or Trevo Stori, the fourth tall draft will be punished.

Next season, the tiger will surround their young three-king team, Kathy-Mc., Tarik Skibar and Matt Manning should support the team’s wheel value in the future. However, last year, the non-coupling Springse-Tenbur didn’t invest in the next season, Matthew-Boid was also absent from the opening season after the surgery was accepted. Avila said that the tiger will look forward to the pitcher of the two free players to replace the round value.

Rodriggs should be the most suitable candidate. In the 2021 season, he included 31 first hair, voted 157.2 bureau to shoot 185 three vibrations, although the self-sharing rate is 4.32, for career New low. In the 2019 season, he was 34 times to the largest alliance. The 203.1 bureau’s pool has spoiled 213 times, got 19 wins, and the self-sharing rate is 3.81, the season of the Sai Yang prize ticket is selected in the sixth. In the 2020 season, he was absent because of myocarditis.

At first glance, a race of self-responsibility may not be worth 80 million, but Rodrigue’s high-order data is very beautiful. In addition to the pitcher’s independent defensive rate, his nine-ivivable number is 10.56 times, ranked fourth in the pitcher of the 150 bureau, at the same time, his three-vibration insurance ratio is 3.94, for the United States eighth. A higher order of data siera – considering the self-blade rate of pitcher’s critical capacity, Rodrigs’s value is 3.64, the United States fifth.

Since August, Rodriggs has got 6 wins and 2 negative points with 3.07 self-blame. On August 5th, the Rodriggus five bureaus only knocked out two anaba but he smashed 10 times. Three vibrations, the top five outsourced numbers are blaming the three vibrations, which may have a deep impression on the uniform group of the tiger.

Tiger coach AJ-Xinqi is a fifth year of love, and there is a old acquaintance of Rodrigs, which is a pitcher, Han-Nevis, and he is a pitcher. In 2015, Rodriguez was first invited to participate in the spring training.

Rodriggs also has a little story with the tiger. Before the transaction in 2014, the tiger was originally wanted to get the reddock, but it was the Rodrigue of Rodrigue. The result is the same year, the tiger is on the golden, Miller, and the game will not be knocked out. The tiger is swept by Jinji, which is also the last time they have entered the playoffs.