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  • The juvenile passion "basket" does not live hard, "the ball" bloom – Linxia Experimental Primary School held a campus basketball game

The juvenile passion "basket" does not live hard, "the ball" bloom – Linxia Experimental Primary School held a campus basketball game

In order to further enrich the students’ extrachriage life, effectively implement the “five management” and “double reduction policy”, enhance students’ physical exercise awareness, cultivate students’ unity, and struggle. Recently, Linxia Experimental Primary School held the second Boai Basketball League, and the game was in full swing, wonderful.On the court, the players enthusiastically, jumped, and the dragon was playing well, and the whole love was put, struggled hard, and worked together. Basketball, rebound, fight, attack, defense … Push the atmosphere on the game to a climax. Around the field, each class cheerleader fuels, the game is warm. In the competition, the players obey the referee, caring for classmates; after the game, both team members shake each other, reflect the precious quality of “Friendship First, the Second”.Li Yapeng, Linxia Experimental Primary School, Li Yapeng: Through our two activities of the Boai Basketball game, we cultivate the interests of the children, so that a large number of children put their energy outside the basketball court in the basketball court, making a large number of batches The child likes this sport, through this sport, and promotes their learning achievements, so that this is truly achieved such a purpose.The basketball game not only allows students to experience the wonderful process of chasing dreams, but also make everyone become more tough, mature.

Mao, Mao: This competition, our class, our class, this is the result of our class work together. Through this competition, I love basketball, basketball not only enhanced
physical fitness, but also cultivated me. Team spirit.Linxia Experimental Primary School adopts a series of extracurricular activities to build a variety of competition platforms, so that students will continue to climb, temper will, and temper skills, so that students morally intensive, and truly Falling into practice.

Reporter: Ma Yuanjie Ma Yulin

Responsiben: Shandong Chen Rainbow Ma Xiaocheng

Review: Zhu Lin Liao Wei Yi

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Original title: “The juvenile passion” basket “does not live in the” Ball “bloom – Linxia Experimental Primary School held a campus basketball game”

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