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  • The magician Yohanxon appeared in the MLB World Contest, the boss is still difficult to win.

The magician Yohanxon appeared in the MLB World Contest, the boss is still difficult to win.

Boss Johnson Site to help out

Boss Johnson Site to help out

On October 24th, Beijing time, the American Wat MLB World Contest conducted to the first game, Boston’s red socks were mainly 8-4 victory of Los Angeles.Red Socks 2th stick Benne Tanti running hide to avoid flat flipball funny lost helmet, the 4th rod JD-Martinens because the sliding is hidden, and the support of the Pitcher Bathz strain causes the thunder.Dao Qi Dynasty playing Bechan Jie Li’s heart cuts the high-speed ball without disregard, and the ball sequently passed the crucible of the crossed crossed small note.

Bates knocks up the running bar under the Benneuti funny helmet

Chris Selle was arranged for the first half of the socks in the first game, and the San Zhebrah-Dozore and Jiausin Turner, but was knocking out of the peace of the way by David Fritz.Based, but unfortunately Moni Mathado high-speed ball is killed by residual.Cordon Kok 4 out of the first half of the second half, Duqi first pitcher, Fritz face Muqi-Bates high-speed ball due to foot slip failed to be killed.

Bates immediately knocked out the hometry and killed the base and passed the attack, and the Barnes killed, and the podium of Dogch. Andrew Benerti contributed to the second base, and passed through the eagle eye showed the final confirmation safety, and the red socks
ran back to Bates to the home, and JD-Martinens in Steve Pierce After the resolution, I also knocked out the placement.

Benineti bowed his head to avoid Martin Nens flat, even if I didn’t hesitate to slap the helmet. I was so funny. All the way ruling long-haired elegant passed the third base after running back to the home base to help the socks to 2-0. Kok 4 took the truth and completed the Tacked, and used Fritz to kill the praise-Bocgz high-speed ball successfully hemostasis. Chris Taylor was taken from the Sad Vibrating Bureau in the second half.

Campaire knocked out Yangchun gun Machadan

Matt-Camp faces Sel Pocket, the Yangchun cannon helps Daozhi to pick up to 1-2, Enrick Ernand Since the ground is blocked, the Ashiel Piger is plugged. Four bad balls were sent to the base, but the Austine Barnes did not have a drop. Dels was parked in the second half of the second half, and Ian Kesler welcomed Sandy Leon by Kozhazu.

Leon knocked out to the anti-cabinet and transferred the anti-cabinet, and the red socks formed a three base, but Jieky-Bradley worn the hit by Machado stepped on the second base to complete the double kill. Turner was killed in the 3rd game of Dozer 3rd game and knocked out, and Fritz raised the land to let the Dao have formed a two-legged someone, and it was tapped by Macha. Run back home base chasing score 2-2.

Pierce scored red socks beyond Martinens stepped on the ground

Dodge is currently out of the game and has one and two bases, but Taylor is saved and Camp is blocked by the ground. Bates were taken from Khazu Sudui in the second half of the third game. Benertys knocked out to make Taylor to take off, Pierce’s ball boarded the first base via the eagle eye playback display, through Martinnes, Thane The second base, boost Pierce ran back home base to let the red stockings lead 3-2.

At this time, Martinez shocked the three-speed base because the left foot of the brake was slided, and the right ankle was suspended, and the right foot was in the ground. It was good to run back to the second base. Dres was left behind by Sanzhen. Ernandes and Puign were in the fourth game in the fourth game, Barnes also was Selle to drop the odd.

Barnes strain mistakes buried Lei red socks two points to consolidate advantage

Kak 4 rushed into Kingsler and Leon in the second half of the fourth place, and passed the ground to the first three three strips. Sel in the 5th game, the half four bad balls were sent to Dord, and the red socks were changed from Matt –
Barnes as a truncated pitcher. First by Turner knocked out to make the Dodge to ushered in a two-line base. Some people, so good to pass the Fritz three vibration bureau through the curve.

Barnes traveregation, burying, laud, the thunder, there is only one person, only one person is out, Machado knocks out to make the Tao run back to 1 point to chase 3-3, even if it is ushered in two people, but still a three-run, Cody – Berlinji high-speed ball was killed to make a decree. Kak 4 was forced to send Bedz to the base in the second half of the 5th game, and it was knocked out the antecette to form a second base.

Dodge is also forced to change Rui’an Madenson debut, the first ball is that the strain promotes the red socks to welcome the two or three bases, which is the same as the upper half. Madenson is to keep Pierce ushered in the crisis. It is good in the three-oscillated JD-Martinens but was knocked out of the Buggts. The socks consolidated the advantages 4-3 and the one-third base, using Dresian. From 5-3.

Belllinji knocked high-flying ball big ball boy to pass the crop

Jinsler is still a one-leg, but The red socks are on the 6th game, and the first is Joe-Kelly, first of all, Sanzhen Camp and Ernande, and the ground is blocked by Polog. Dodge selection in the second half of the 6th game, Choose Hulio-Ulias, and the same three Zhen Leon and Bradley and the ground to send Babz out.

Red stockings in the 7th game, half-replacement replacement Rui’an – Brabith, first of all, using the ground to block the ball to play Chork Pederson, but by Max Mangxi knocked out the base, but Turner I will knock on the battle to welcome the first and second equities. Asmar – Granadal is guaranteed by four bad balls, the Taoist’s good situation is full of homes, and the Machado high-flying sacrifice is divided into 4-5.

Daoqi won the quarter, relying on Macha to retrieve the three points, the first work, the red socks are in the bureau, one and the second base have been forced to invest Ed Huadu – Rodrigs, Beilinjie knocked the high flying ball Surgent and sang. Dodge was knocked out of the second base for Benneuti, and there was a ball immediately on the stage to give the “small paper” on the post.

Nouneitbeats the three-piece magician Johnson

Dodge selected to change Pedro – Baidz in the 7th game, resolved the defending Mikichi-Morande four-ring ball to keep JD-Martinnes, and then Sanxue Bogagz is also choosing to change the Alex S-Wood, the result is that I dedicated Edward-Nunz ignon 3, let red socks expanded to 8-4 advantages, I didn’t expect Dodge to replace ZuoDou, but was turned on the right to knock on the green monster.

NBA Fame Magicians Johnson as a Dodge Board sitting on the watchtacking scene, still taking pictures with friends from time to time and take photos. The red socks were exchanged in the 8th game, Tauvadi, and solved the drop of Camp and Ernande, and blocked the ground. León knocked out in the second half of the 8th game to help red socks on the first base.

However, Bradley and Bates have been taken by Wood San Zhen, but unfortunately Benertys knocked out the flat flipball was blocked. The reddings were arranged in the 9th game, and the Gold Breil was the end of the end. With the ground, the ball was blocked, and the San Zhenzi surreal came, the scene of the red stocking fans set up as “scorpion king” shouting, Jinbreier Rely on the residence of the Senang to help the socks lock the winning party 8-4.