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The MLB-9 bureau was repeatedly played and magic reversed the angel winning game cavalry end 5

On May 26th, Beijing time, the Los Angeles angel welcomes the Temple Cassier who has won five consecutive victories. In addition to the Space People’s team alone, the United States, other four teams are struggling for the outer card. Angels have encountered five losers, and they have fallen to the fourth area, and the rider climbed from the bottom position to the second. The two teams staged a good show in the nine games, and the angel 1 points were lost on the nine games, and they were 2 points by the visitors. However, after the angel magic reversed the game, he won the game with pleasure.

[Data Highlight]

In terms of angel, Karlhn 3 playing 3 menstepso 2 points, Wolsh career first goodbye to see and 1st points, Da Gu Xiangping 4 counts 1

[Competition process]

In the second half of the first game, the number of the ride soldiers Mina first was first Zhen Fletcher, Truite rolled the earth, and finally the big valley Xiangfang was arrested and also saved. In the second half, Scargus sent four bad balls to the first battalist Gallo, but he adjusted the state to send three three vibrations.

In the third bureau, Scarges still did not lose weight, sent 1 three oscillation and 1 guarantee, 3 games sent 4 three-vibration, but the guarantee is slightly, there are 2 times.

In the second half of the third bureau, the angel took the lead, Carlhn as the first bearer, slamming a right foreign country, high-flying ball, flying out the homes, the 10th volume of the season, send angel 1-0 lead the cavalry.

Next, I entered the pitcher war. The pitches of both sides did not give the opportunity to work, and the lines of the fourth team were three three. In the first half of the fifth game, although Kabrera knocked out the hit, Guzman, Martis, and Autumn and Skinth were out of the game, and the Scarges 5 did not lose.

In the second half of the fifth, Menna encountered a big crisis, and he was taken out by Lunki, Carlorn, Kuzart, and formed a situation in which no one was full. However, Cagno hit the weak earth in front of the pitcher. After passing back the home base, the double kill is formed, and the crisis instantly resolves mostly; Fletcher is selected to keep the box, but the Turket high speed ball is killed, and the angel regrets misses the shot machine.

In the upper half of the sixth game, Skats was brought to Kalo after completing the two bureaus. At this time, he was replaced by the head of the head. The 5.2 bureau was played by 3, and there was no loss, sent 7 times. Three vibrations 2 passed, giving a winning group candidate.

In the second half of the sixth bureau, Da Vali debut, the second base is rolling the earth, and Mena is also smooth in three, and the 6 games only lose 1 point. In the second half of the seventh place, Mener was resended, and the 6.0 bureau was killed by 5 security and lost 1 point.

In the first half of the ninth game, Robrez debuted, first, the four-bad balls were first hit Foste, Kabreira little flying ball made the Fu match spectrum; Guzman knocked out the right foreign land, the second base, the generation Santana speed quickly returned to the home base, the rider chased the score in the last half of the game, 1-1; Ao 3 of the game once again contributed, the rider reversed score, 1-2.

In the second half of the ninth Bureau, changed to the tour of the game, Kelly closed, Gudewen far-reaching flying ball was killed, Lunki Faspered horn, the hot Carhorn saved the team, the second base is home to send back to the teammate, angel Completely equalize the score, 2-2; Kazaki Flying Ball out, the Volushi, the Wall, the squad, the tourist guards are missing, the results become goodbye, the angel is strong reversal, 3-2 win The next game is over five.

[Two sides starting]

Los Angeles Angel Team:

1. David – Fletcher left outer wilder

2. Mike – Turkit Chinese

3. Da Guxiangping designated to fight

4. Albert – Puertoz

5. Tommy – Rastera 2nd base

6. Louis Lunke guerrilla

7. Cole-Carlorn Right Wilder

8. Zach – Kazakart

9. Dasin – Cairo Catcher

Taylor Scargus pitcher

Texas City Cavalry:

1. Autumn Credit Specify

2. Elvis – Andrews guerrilla

3. Hunter Penz left field

4. Nimal-Mazara right outside

5. Joey – Gallo Zhongwai Wilder

6. Rogan – Fussete 2rd base

7. Athdrewbar – Kabrera 3rd base

8. Ronald – Gusman

9. Jeff Martis Catcher

Mike Mena Pitcher

[Next prospect]

The next game, the cavalry sent Arly Hulado as a first-hand pitcher. This season will be 1 win and 2 losses 2.08 self-blame rate. The last game of red tick is his first first, 4.1 bureau 4 points in the game, 2 points for self-responsibility, and the game of 9 relayed debuts only 1.50 self-blame rate, and once again twice in the last season, there was a poor self-satisfaction score of 5.40. Angel ushered in Andrew Hiki, he was in the small alliance rehabilitation in Monday, and the 4.1 bureau contributed 10 three vibrations, recovered, and the first team leaded in 2018.