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  • The new crown epidemic is once again hits the wheel to the red man, and the pirate series has emerged.

The new crown epidemic is once again hits the wheel to the red man, and the pirate series has emerged.

August 16 News (text / ESPN compile / Genghao Yang) Following the Marlins and Cardinals, Reds players have also broke new infection crown, late yesterday, the well-known reporter Rosenthal confirmed them today with the pirates The game will be postponed, and the two teams do not know when two teams will do it after the four consecutive games of the Great Beauty Stadium.

The red man logistics department is now very busy, they are now tracking the close contacts of the infected player. In addition, the red people must have a further nucleic acid detection, which is much higher than the current daily saliva detection requirements.

It is expected that the red man will also affect the sagny with the macarth fish. As of this day, Before the game was played, Marlin fish took only 13 games, and the red scitch was only five games. Before starting with the White Socks, the sagfs had been resting for 17 days, and there was no play since August. In the case of 12 teams, they have already played more than 20 games, they want to play the original game in the rest of the game is almost impossible.

However, the Red-bird stop is mainly because they have a very serious epidemic in their team, and about 18 people have confirmed new crown, including the main catcher Molina, a number of star teams in the guerrillas, have been exploded. New crown.

When the season has just started, the red man has suffered the influence of the new crown. The first series, the inherioba-Davidson’s test results showed as positive, but later clarified that he was false positivity. Subsequently, Musakas, Wo Tour and Senzer have been suspected of being infected with new crown because of the body’s discomfort. It is
good to show that they did not.

Among these teams, the most innocent is a pirate. At the beginning of this week, they were postponed with the collected series, and the weekend was still upset and the series was temporarily postponed. They only won the four games. They are now being detached. Broken.

If the red man is not more confirmed, the two sides may play a double match on Tuesday. The original day will be the rest day of the two teams. Even if you don’t have a match on that day, it is not tight, the next schedule they have two series, which can be inserted at any time at any time.

This season, the double game will hit the seven games. The experience of the red man is slightly rich than the sea, and the tiger’s game is delayed by the rain, Ball contributes a seven games. Play.

The possibility that the new crown stop may not be neglected, although the Malinfish currently only played a large number of 13 games, but their record was 9 wins and 4 defeats, leading the country. After the return of the new crown, they have achieved 7 wins and 3 negative achievements. In the case of one-third of the season, they have hope to hit the playoffs.