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  • The older owner refused to provide the new east to provide information, the general, the brothers who are not willing to betray.

The older owner refused to provide the new east to provide information, the general, the brothers who are not willing to betray.

The so-called “mountains and water meets”, every year, there must be a large number of players in NFL, which is inevitable that there are some players to face the old owners. In the new season, the top running guards – Bell wants to follow the jet team to fight the steel people who have lost their unhappy, and the star safety satellite – Collins will lead the second-line defensive group of the Red Leather. Facing the external hand of the old people’s giant team. However, not all the old people met, it is divided into red, this season, the star safety Wei Riche, the star safety Wei Ric-Wade, which is truly, “ruthless”.

According to the NFL’s new season schedule, the ravers will face the old crow of Wade in the 12th week; but the offensive group of the male squad cannot be expected to reveal the “secret Xin” of some of the crow team. . Although it is cut off by the crow during the offset season, at least, Wadere does not intend to do such a thing. He told the “Sports Pictorial” reporter Andy Benoit, in a video interview on Thursday, said: “I can’t disclose these secrets.” “” But you no longer play for them (Crows). “Benoit asked,” Yes, but they are my brother, “Wader said,” I will never betray my brother. “

This kind of saying is not enough to make Benoit to make this question again in the years after the interview. Wadere said: “McDo knows what he is doing, he doesn’t need too much tips. If I sold a teammate for three years with me, what is it?” Wader The reason why it is so firm, maybe in the past three years in Baltimore’s happy time; in the crow team, Wadere is stable and efficient, he has not absent from any game, and the average can contribute 50.3 times a season. 3.3 Dragonfly, the old, the old will have participated in the professional bowl six times, and the best lineup of the year is a one-time, the best lineup is an unclosed to prevent backbone. Perhaps the team’s future construction, the crow strivested him in March and chased the safety of the Qianhai Eagle’s security governance Earr-Thomas; but only this is the fate of the extension and Wade. “.

However, Wadeel is not as good as the crow team, three years ago, when he and the lightning team broke up, both sides were unpleasant; Wadere said in an interview with how the flash is dead, and he forever I will not forget what I have happened, which is full of hate. The crow seems to be much better to treat this star safety. If Wadere is harmonious to the team during the male team, then the male goag can be relieved. They know that Wadeer even went to other teams. It will not disclose their secrets.

In fact, Mike Wei may really not need Wader to reveal something, with the “strongest brain” that he is extensively praised in the past two seasons, and he is widely praised. Find a method of cracking the crow defense group. After all, this game will be held in November. At that time, McWe will receive a large number of newly-style recording, after all, in the offset period, the crow is also lost, the defensive style will change, Maybe Wader’s secret is really hard to get too busy.

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