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The stubborn Li Tie, I can’t understand the national football

Recently, the national football returned to the domestic isolation of the 12th game, and he was in the middle of the superchard, and the Cheap Soccer Jersey Chinese team was warm up. Although there is Lionel messi Jersey no live broadcast, there is a media report to overcome Shenzhen, and defeat Zhejiang 2 to 1. Li Tie has won the domestic warm-up talent, but the light of the light, but he reflects Li Tie’s ignorance. Don’t believe you down, is it this

1 Pair of Shenzhen, Alan, etc., all the debut, and also hit the audience, but the winning and negative has been finally finalized, fully proves that the words of the natural player are not enough.

2 The squad is the first half of the team, and the second half is replaced by the substitute. Even the goalkeeper is changed, haha, it is estimated that Chen Chairman uses personal relationships, not so that the national football is lost to the house, but this shame can only harm it. National Mbappé Jersey football.

3 Domestic Manchester United Jersey assembly, what is the opportunity to supplement the player, Lu Wenjun, Shanggang, etc., is a good choice, but Li Tie Ning can be used to use those waste materials, or do not let the big list will not let some of the ability. People enter the national team

4 can’t enter the big list, still in the national team, give yourself gold, back to the club high salary?

The national team is not a person’s test field. It is not a gold-plated place for some people. Here is where the country will fight for the country, it is necessary for a group of people to fight for the national flag. No, Tree, I am coming.