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The two teams actively prepare the Mexican gaming company super high score predictive creation history record

After the 10th week of NFL, the two teams of the Los Angeles Ram and the Kansas City Chief will focus on the Mexican next week. This week, Dan Buddha wild horses, it is said that the two teams have applied to the alliance to move home to Denver this week, adapt to the sea level of the Mexico City, but they are all rejected.

According to ESPN, the two teams apply to the Alliance for the 10th week of regular season in the first week of the Mexico competition, so that they can adapt to altitude. The Aztk Stadium in Mexico City is 7300 feet (2225 meters) at sea level, and the home of the wild horse is about 5280 feet (1609 meters). Of course, the two teams have been applied, and the alliance is also difficult to stop, so they are all dismissed. In fact, the two teams have done the Dan Buddha this season, and the Emirates defeated the wild horses in the fourth week of 27-23. After two weeks, the ravers wins here 23-20.

Although the ram and chief will not fight in Denver in the 10th week, the ravese will still go to Colorado to adaptive training ahead of the night until November 19th night, and then he will take a decisive female and hero. It is reported that the race will use the American Air Force College’s Rugby Training Base in Colorado. This law sounds familiar, because the new England patriots have been done in the last season. At that time, the patriots were also a week in advance, Springs in Colorado, eventually defeated the Auckland raid in Mexico City 33-8.

As the best in the alliance, the two teams between 9-1, the union between the union between the 9-1 9-1, and the strongest dialogue between the 9-1 rivers, and some people even think this is a superb bowl. Today, the US Las Vegas Gaming Company opened the mouth, the two teams directly reached 64 points, according to the ESPN data system, if the odds change this will be the highest record since 1986.

Football direct size is a kind of quiz, as the name suggests, is to guess the total score of both parties that exceed a certain value or less than this value. Gaming companies will have a score in advance, such as this game Ram VS chief, give 64 points. So, if it is finally 35:32, add up to 67 points, then it is division, 32:31, add up to 63 points, is a small division, equivalent to buying big or buying small.

The ESPN data shows that in November 2009, St. Louis Ram and 49 people in San Francisco were directly 62 points. In the final ram 34-24 wins, the total 58 points, buy a small, and won.

The score of the Emirates was second only in the Saint New Orleans, 35.3 points, this week, I just defeated Arizona Red Spits on 26-14. The ravese of the Seattle Hawks in Sunday 36-31, the team ranked 33.5 points.

This is NFL for three consecutive seasons in Mexico City, and the fields in the first two games are divided into 44 points. Before this, the gaming company gave the benefits of the Roale VS Emirates, and after this week, it was adjusted to 1.5 points, more optimistic about the Los Angeles ram.

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