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  • The university champion team is invited to visit the White House. This may be the most strange white house visit in history.

The university champion team is invited to visit the White House. This may be the most strange white house visit in history.

In the United States, the team of all sports alliances visited the White House after winning the national champion, and the University Rugby Champion Clemsen Tigers are no exception. Last week, Clemen was hit the University of Alabama at the University of Alabama in California, and won the second champion in three years. On Monday, the tiger team walked to Washington long-distance, and the players would like to see Trump, then feel the dinner with the president, but they did not receive five-star president.

After Clemsen won the champion, Trian sent an invitation to the tiger team, congratulating them won the 2019 NCAAF champion, he was writing: “This is a great victory for South Carolina. I am looking forward to the White House Double meet them, and their excellent coach team. “

So what Trump uses to welcome them?

In recent years, the US federal government has not swayed and saves money through a large number of layoffs. In addition, because the Democratic Party refused to negotiate border security, many employees in the White House were forced to vacation. In this context, the players did not eat the dinner of the dream, the President Turi Putu is prepared for the players to prepare a bunch of snacks. There is a reporter report: “Clemsen visited the White House tonight, which is definitely an exciting news. This is a very good, incredible team, but welcoming them is McDonald’s, Wantati and Hamburg. …… “

Trump is a well-known fast food enthusiast. Compared with the former President Obama who adheres to a healthy diet, Trump’s eating habits seem to be very casual, passionate about McDonald’s, KFC, and the snacks like this, and these Things can be seen everywhere in the Canteen of Trove Puta. Triang Popular work dinner is two giant talents plus a wheat fish, as well as chocolate milkshake. In an interview, Trump also said that he likes giant and wheat fish, not only delicious food, but also clean. Trump claims that there is a larinia, and the safety and hygiene requirements of food are very high, at least in the “consistent standard” in the restaurant. In addition to McDonald’s, Trump also likes KFC and pizza. He loves snacks including Vienna babows, fried potato chips and pretzels.

A bunch of stacks and pizza are in the exquisite plate, with romantic candlelights, Klemenson’s players queued to dine. “I think that is their favorite food. Because the government closed, I have done some American fast food, I have self-caught. There are many burgers, a lot of pizza. These things are very suitable for big pieces, so I think they will like Trump stood in a table filled with fast food, this dinner called Clemesen was “great American food”.

It is reported that these foods have approximately 300 burgers, pizza and sweet cattle, Hamburg includes giant, wheat fish, and some chicken blocks. These foods are not known to the Klemsen players, anyway, anyway, Trump’s favorite.

Interestingly, these foods are obviously prepared in advance, and some have no heating lamps, so when the players eat these things in their stomachs, is Hamburg still hot? In addition, Clemsen’s nutrition will not oppose the White House to put junk food into the belly of the player? Is the dessert after meals is ordinary ice cream or a healthier frozen yogurt prepared for the champion athlete?

Trump asked the national champion to eat fast food, it sounds ridiculous, but this is very compliant with Trump Special. This will be the most strange white honesty visit to the American champion team.

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