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Therm is 15 games! Sierras praised HOS, Wafford is floating, Green injury is not updated

On November 25th, the Rockets were thrilling today, and finally ended 15 games. Looking at the whole game, the rocket problem is still, but the team has a lot more reluctant than ever. Especially in the third quarter and the last section, resisting the new firepower in the eastern part and eventually got this difficult victory. There have been many players standing out. For example, only half a game will be held in 7. 6 get 18 points 4 rebounds 1 assists 1 steals 2 caps of House, and the 4th sheets of the two slabs. More regrettable is that the top game is very good, the first quarter is very good, but unfortunately the injury is in advance.

After the end of the game, Cerat was interviewed by the media and talked about the performance of House. He praised Hous was the winner of this game. Just a half game, I got 18 points in 7 in 7, and I also sent 1 steal and 2 caps, and I show my strength on both ends of the attack and defense. But the fans who are familiar with House are very clear. He is this kind of nervous player, sometimes it is a comprehensive like James, sometimes he is very fascinating, very unstable. It is not that Cerat is in the end of the end, and the House may not even have a chance. In any case, HOS can have a good performance, and it is also a little transaction value.

The rocket finally concluded, and the good little Porter also had something to say, he also accepted the media’s interview, he said: “Simply said that no one can prevent me, the offensive is very confident, I feel the increasing The better. “This game is 37 minutes, got 14 points 9 assists 6 rebounds, showing the rules of the rules, mistakes or 6 times the whole team. Netizens saw Burt’s performance, and said, I don’t know, I thought you took 45.! Really fourteen points, forty points! Have to say, little-port is a bit floating, he can not play it without necessity, but this is very big, how do you do leaders?

The whole team strives to stop losing, this is a very happy thing, but Green’s injury is still a bit regret. Before leaving the field, Green 5 was cut down 11 points and 2 rebounds 1 assists, and at the time, he looked at that stage, and the possibility of playing a season representative. However, there is no longer wishing, until now, there is no greenery to update the message. However, from the injured picture of Green at the time, the problem should be great. Although the rocket will win, but the problem is still a lot, and the coaching ability of Sierras, smallport and Wood have basically not cultivated value, Green and Sabu’s upper position must be put on the agenda soon,
the rocket must also make a global change. . Otherwise, spend such a big price, cultivate the wrong person, then it will not pay.