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  • This is true value for money warrior? 175 million payroll +1.73 one hundred million luxury tax ho to take the first league record!

This is true value for money warrior? 175 million payroll +1.73 one hundred million luxury tax ho to take the first league record!

I believe that all of the Warriors fans, last season the Warriors undoubtedly sad and desperate. Thompson’s injuries still have not seen a good, Green crazy degradation, bench players were lackluster, Curry themselves they even, he played amazing individual performance but does not move with the team, but also a waste of their peak overdraft their own body.

Therefore, the Warriors last season by fans dubbed the “spend the most money, suffer the most poisonous of play.” However, that we never expected that this year’s Warriors still maintain a $ 175 million payroll (League 1) in the case +1.73 one hundred million luxury tax (league 1), even won the first league record ( 17 wins, 2 losses). Compared to temporarily record the lead, the Warriors gradual improvement of the system and fill the gap of attack even more gratifying.

Let us look at the current Warriors player salary distribution:

1. Curry, 45.78 million US dollars,

2. Wiggins, 31.58 million US dollars,

3. Thompson, 37.98 million US dollars,

4. Green, 24.03 million US dollars,

5. Andre Iguodala, 2.64 million US dollars,

6. Bjelica, to $ 2.09 million,

7. Small Potter, 2.39 million US dollars,

8. Small Payton, the US dollar (non-guaranteed contract) 1.94 million,

9. Damien – Lee, US $ 1.91 million (non-guaranteed contract),

10. Anderson, the US dollar (mini middle) 1.7 million,

11. Poole, 2.16 million US dollars,

12. Moody, 3.56 million US dollars,

13. Ku Mingjia, 5.47 million US dollars,

14. Wiseman, 9.17 million US dollars,

15. Looney, 5.18 million US dollars, (player option).

Warriors recall two years ago, can be said to spend the most money, suffer the most poisonous to play after a few giant has the cap space accounts for the wearer, when the Warriors Thompson reimbursement operating space has been very less. Like this means that the Warriors boss propped up entirely by money this year than the two super ball, the Warriors total payroll of about $ 175 million, of which the Big Four accounting for nearly $ 140 million, they are required to pay a luxury tax of up to $ 173 million, team. Nearly three hundred million dollar investment, if there is no hidden treasures Warriors efficient behavior, I am afraid boondoggle.

Fortunately, the Warriors this season, not only the small hidden treasures Payton, last season’s Anderson, Pu’er, new small Potter have become very qualified combat power. Warriors fans and even joked Pu’er and Curry is the new “spray brothers” was. In the case of Thompson’s still not back, the Warriors has come first in the West. Curry state is gratifying, he really is the older the more demon, fully capable with the Warriors to a higher stage.

In fact, many fans will ask that this year’s Warriors obviously no big deal, no big change, why the spirit is completely different? Personally, I think there are three reasons: 1 veteran’s experience and technology complement blessing blessing, Andre Iguodala full of blood return, Bjelica perfect complement to let the Warriors system more perfect, it is the state of this year’s Green 2. joy, I even think that a person of this year’s Green revitalize the Warriors defense system, DPOY high probability this season must go to him. 3. Wiggins became the cutting edge on the
offensive end, he greatly enhanced the team’s cap.

Then, after the end of this season, the Warriors can keep these bench Jones do?

In all fairness, Bjelica was originally using waste heat, and try to join the basic salary, did not think so well, he went somewhere else next season, and even the risk of fading out of the league, not as part honestly come with Warriors veteran’s minimum deal. If the Warriors can hit the Western Conference finals this year and even higher stage, then there is a great probability Potter pay cut in order to champion the veteran’s minimum to renew for one year (crushed by this trend, Potter annual salary should be in the 500-800 Wan about).

Pu’er current level, the renewal of the annual salary of not less than 20 million, so the Pu’er Wiggins with only a renewal, Wiggins is more important than the Warriors in Pu’er, the primary goal is continued Yueweijinsi. Pu’er is important, but really failed to keep cap space, the best way is to swap first-round pick this year direct kick, kick down the money or else next year will match slip away.

But the miserable thing is, Poole is currently the only team in addition to the library good ball autonomous offensive sponsor, had gone fluency Warriors will be much reduced, and Pu’er is enough self-confidence, but also dare to pot a ball struck , star ball, great future All-star potential, let go and very uncomfortable, if the Warriors really let go because of salary cruel, Pu’er is also likely to grow up like a rocket into the board as a large core of the star ball, which there is also a possibility, it is really hard to choose, to see how the Warriors front office decision.

Yesterday, Wiggins talked about the current performance of the Warriors interview, he said: “We have the best record in the league, but we are not satisfied, we still want to get better …… especially Thompson and Wiseman return after, we will be very terrible. “

We have reason to believe that this year’s Warriors worth the wait, Thompson’s comeback case nothing to worry about, this is he does not need to be able to integrate into the team’s top running without the ball players, plus Curry now almost abnormal state, no one Thompson dare to let go, but no one would dare attack Curry to limit the Warriors.

You say that this warrior is not the dawn?