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Three big stars at the same time "official promises"! Card Join the Black Leopard Glona enters the entertainment industry

The prelude of the 2019 season is not ordinary, Beckham, AB is also found, Dashong announced retirement, and the league of this resort occurs. However, the crazy crazy of the break is not over. Today, NFL has exploded several shock news. The card returns to the league, Zach-Ejz Equity Patriots, Gelron enters Hollywood. Xiaobian organizes the dazzling news, let’s take a look.

Duration 3 years Capenik return to the league to join the black panther

Famous well known, former San Francisco 49 people player Colin – Katnik will stand on NFL’s stadium. On March 31, local time, Carolina Black Leopard announced that the 2-year contract is a $ 2 million contract with Corin card. Since March 2017, Katnik has not signed a contract after the contract of 49 people. During the period, the trials will not have it. To this end, a paper complaint of Kelnik put the alliance and boss to court. In February of this year, Katnik reached an understanding of the “Alliance United to hinder his career”.

Black Panther Board David – Thap is considered a key person to make this signing, and he signed Eric Rude, who has a national anthem in the 2018 season, in Cape Nick and the Alliance After that, the Black Panther also believes that Kelnik is most likely to go. Black panther is more inclusive compared to other teams. The 31-year-old card is always sufficiently young enough to be healthy, while maintaining scientific training. The black panther confirmed that the team continued by Camper – Newton, Cape Nik and Newton, is a great substitute candidate.

Ecrzova Brundi Patriots quickly fill near-end vulnerabilities

After Gronoski announced the retirement, the focus of the patriot snippet was transferred to Grono. Former Philadelphia eagle as a close-end arm, the 52nd super bowl defeated the key character of the patriot, Zach Huse, will go to the new England assistant. It is reported that as a trading chip, the patriot will pay a two-wheel siling (56 bunk) and a four-wheel sign (134 bits).

In 2013, Elz was selected by the eagle in the second round of 35th, and the 16th game was completed in 16 games last season. The last moment of the 52nd super bowl is that Erz receives the 11 yard pass the ball and flying into the David area, helping the eagle to defeat the patriot to win the team’s first super bowl. The arrival of Erz can greatly make up for the vacancy of Gronard, and then the patriots will continue to find a ball weapon for Braddy, and reinforce the external line.

Gronoski entered the entertainment circle partner Shi Tailong starred to death

The death team needs some fresh blood. After Gerron retired from NFL, the production company of “Dead Squad 4” quickly contacted Geron, and the two sides were taken. Gulong has always been interested in acting, and even has its own entertainment broker. In the NFL effectiveness, he only had a lot of play for this, and he missed a lot of play. It was originally scheduled to appear “Playing with Fire” last year and John Senna, because the scheduled is too satisfying. Now Gronard throws up the rugby, officially announced into Hollywood. “Damper 4” was starred by Stallie, and the role of Gulong’s play has not yet been determined. It is reported that the release time is still 2020. Chinese actors Ren Dahua and actress Zhao Yuhuan will also appear to show this video, which also makes China’s fans more expectation.

Hahahahaha, a very difficult story is really hard! The above news is purely fictitious, if there is a similar, purely a coincidence. I wish you all a happy April Fool’s Day!

Remember the April Fool’s Day “News” last year? Beckham transfer, Bell signed a big contract, Falls left the eagle. Take a few poisonous milk this year, please look forward to …

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