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Today @ China Basketball Team of Japan …

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# 锋 博 博 男 男 男 男 男 出 日 # Today @ China Basketball Team of Japan, the men’s basketball coach @ 锋 dufeng also reported this expectation and idea:

“End 2021-2022 season CBA’s first stage competition, from Zhuji to Ningbo, the Chinese men’s basketball team is concentrated, with 100 times spirit into the 2023 basketball World Cup qualifier preparation state. Thanks to the team all trainer, players, staff, for The country war, no glory!

Due to the influence of the epidemic, we have experienced a new rhythm. The athletes face great challenges in the body, physical fitness, and psychological levels, but
since they enter the national team, they accept the call of the motherland, I believe everyone will be full of enthusiasm Going all out, I am actively contributing to China’s basketball in the new one, and we will play our spiritual god.

After this summer, the Summer Asian Cup qualifiers, the mood of the Olympic selection, the young Chinese men’s basketball team showed the energetic and hard, but it also needs more deeper transformation. Especially many new players, more opportunities to increase experience, exercise in international competitions, and let the team face hard tests in a more calm state.

Thanks to the power of the motherland and the attention of the people of the country, so that everyone can write their own basketball career more exciting, this time we will do our best, make every game, come on the game, come on! “# Chinese men’s basketball team in Japan #